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Piercing is a kind of modification and change of the human body, which uses puncture of the skin and external organs. Quite reasonable question is: why people do piercings? On the one hand, it is a unique identification of oneself in a certain society, on the other hand it is the desire to stand out from the crowd and hint about its uniqueness.

Many people make themselves piercings because they confirm that it is beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. In any case, everyone is guided by their own motives and values. In general, the types of piercing are quite diverse. We’ll look at the most popular ones in this article.

  • Belly button piercing.
  • It is very popular among underage fashion girls, lovers of short topics and just girls who wish to show a naked stomach in warm season. Piercing the belly button can’t be called painless. The wound will be very whining and cause serious inconvenience the first few weeks. Naturally, it is better to forget about exercising sports for this period of time, since even simple moods of the body can lead to painful sensations. The earring must be removed during pregnancy.

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  • Lip piercing.
  • It is common for both girls and boys. This type of piercing is preferred by «informal» in most cases. The earring should never touch the teeth as there is a risk of the enamel damage. This piercing looks really good in some cases, but its owner will have quite hard times at first. Problems with diction and eating can’t be avoided.

    At the same time, all food that can cause discomfort will also become inaccessible (cold, hot, salty, hard, and eager). However, all these inconveniences fade in comparison with saliva, which seeps through the earring very often. It is advisable to watch how piercings are made on the Internet, the video of which is very easy to find on the net. This is where you should seriously think about the validity and appropriateness of such piercing.

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  • Ear piercings
  • This sort of piercing is the most popular and widespread. In this case, ear piercing is less painful then piercing of other parts of the body. In addition, the wound heals literally in one month. The piercing in the ear can be done both on the soft lobe and on the harder cartilage today.

    Пирсинг ушей
  • Nose piercing.
  • The piercing is often done in the area of the wing of the nose. The nasal septum is used much rarely. It should be remembered that the nose piercing is a very painful! Also, the nose can bring you a lot of trouble during simple cold.

    Пирсинг носа
  • Eyebrow piercing.
  • The piercing of the eyebrows has long been perceived as something quite ordinary and common. In the form of decoration serves an earring, similar to a bar with balls on both sides. The mass of blood vessels and nerve endings is concentrated in this area therefore at a puncture it bleeds profusely enough and heals up to two months. How to make eyebrow piercing without problems also can be viewed on the Internet.

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  • Nipple piercing.
  • This is an extreme and very painful procedure. It is also extremely dangerous especially for women. In this case, they put at serious risk their own health and the health of their future. The wound heals very long (about half a year) and there is obvious discomfort during sleep.

  • Tongue piercing.

It’s a very fashionable trend, however, extremely dangerous for health. Here is and the strong swelling of the tongue after the puncture, and the destruction of a number of taste buds. All work should be done exclusively by professionals. Otherwise, it is possible to touch the arteries inside the organ.

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Most potential customers are interested in the question: since what age the piercing can be done? The fact that solid official salons don’t do piercing to those who is up to 18 years will be absolute. In this case, to pierce one or another part of the body before reaching this age is not enough that it is risky for health, so it is also not very aesthetically pleasing.

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