Corneal tattooing - ink on the eyeball

Tattoo on the eyeball

Drinking tattoos has always been ambiguous. One of the people proves that it’s cool, stylish, fashionable and reflects their inner world. The other part is trying to convince that the human body is perfect by nature and any intervention is not desirable. Over the past few years, fans of tattoos have gone further. From ceased to arrange applying the tattoo on the skin. New target for tattoos became the eyeball.

Tattoo on the eyeball, perhaps one of the most controversial events in the entire cosmetics industry. On the one hand, its popularity is growing, and more and more people can boast entirely blue or green eyes, and on the other hand, it carries a certain danger to the organs of sight.

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For the most popular tattoo black apple. Thus, it becomes difficult to determine where the person is watching the pupil and in which direction. It creates a very terrible impression from what he saw. Immediately come to mind, Japanese or American thrillers in which the main characters were terrible black eye.

The tattoo is as follows. The eyeball is a special syringe injected pigment, which colors it in the desired color. Such operations are fraught with loss of . Fashion for the tattoo came from America, where many states have already banned the application of this kind of tattoos.

On the other hand, such a decision can be output for those who, for whatever reason, lost their native eyesight. American William Watson using the tattoo actually got a new eye. William went blind in one eye as a child, who turned white and began to frighten others. The tattoo artist has drawn his pupil and now, if the person does not know the whole story, never think that William sees only one eye. One of the first Russians who made himself a tattoo, became a Muscovite Ilya.

We have compiled a small collection of photos with such images. What do you think?

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Photos tattoo on the eyeball

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