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How to care for the tattoo

So, you’ve come a long way. After the first acquaintance with the fact that the tattoo is and why it is needed, you spent some time studying the features of different styles, coming up with the plot of the future picture, and the creation of the final sketch. Once the idea of underwear picture was completely ready to implement, you have found a qualified professional, who not only understand the idea, but the quality can fulfill even the most complex work.

Before a man who makes his first tattoo, inevitably raises a number of important questions:

If you read the previous article, responding to two important questions, it’s time to talk about the care of the tattoo. As you already know from the previous article, in the process of drawing with a needle the skin is exposed to mechanical stress, resulting in a burn is formed. No need to have any illusions about the safety of this process , because the area of ​​the body, which is applied to the picture, really exposed to damage. But upset about it as it is not necessary, because the skin heals pretty quickly and no adverse effects would not be healthy. In this regard, the healing process of tattoos in general is not much different from the treatment of burns.

Terms of care for the tattoo

Almost certainly a wizard that will do the job, hold a number of necessary actions for processing and fresh tattoos will give you detailed instructions on what to do in the early days. For those who want to know everything in advance, we have made ready a check list of what you can do for the rapid healing of fresh tattoo.


1. The use of spray and ointments-anesthetic during application

Virtually all modern masters during special anesthetics usually through lidocaine. In a previous article we wrote about the fact that both the pain and the degree of irritation of the skin depends on:

  • the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • application areas.

Nevertheless, the use of anesthetic moisturizes the skin and reduces the degree of burn during service. In addition, the use of gels and sprays slightly reduces pain.

2.Nalozhenie compress and wrap

Immediately after the end of the master handles the gel region, imposes compress and wrap with cling film. This is done primarily to prevent ingress of unwanted particles on the surface of the skin, which can lead to inflammation and infection. In addition, the film protects the tattoo from friction and contact with clothing that is also irritating to the skin.

Tattoo Roma Acorn on the fingers

Important! It is recommended not to shoot the film within 24 hours after the tattooing.

3. Caring for the tattoo: a day

Once you remove the film and compress, you will see a little smeared paint on the skin. Do not worry, this is normal. The skin must be slowly and carefully wipe cloth moistened with ointment for burns. The most popular to date, funds that are advised in tattoo parlors: Panthenol and Bepanten +. They can be bought at any pharmacy. This procedure must be repeated in the following days, several times a day until healing is complete.


4. Care Tattoo: 2-3 days

In the early days of healing tattoos crust can act on the skin that itches and itches disgusting. Despite the huge temptation to dig and tear off her, to do this in any case should not . This game is fraught with scars, so it is better to wait. Instead, the crust must continue to wipe the napkin with ointment, warm water and antibacterial soap.

5. Care Tattoo: after healing

Once the skin is completely healed, and took the usual form, and does not itch does not itch, no special care of the tattoo is not required. The only recommendation may be associated with the use of more powerful tanning in the sun. Direct sunlight better on a large scale can influence the color saturation of the tattoo, as the paint is gradually fade. Of course, in this case a couple of years later, you can simply finish the tattoo, refreshing colors, but you can just use the good ointment on the beach. It is recommended to use the funds from the level of protection from ultraviolet radiation by 45 units and above.

General tips for just tattooed

  1. Do not use alcohol and drugs before and after going to the tattoo artist. And the best — if ever.
  2. Avoid physical activity during the first 3-5 days. Try not to sweat and spend this time at home.
  3. After removing the film quality wear cotton clothes. Avoid synthetics, rigid fabrics rub skin.
  4. Watch out for meals at least the first time after going to the master. Try not to eat too much fatty food. Eat more vegetables to fruit. Vitamins, especially E, contribute to the restoration of the body and the healing of the skin .
  5. No baths, saunas, solariums in the first 10 days after the application of tattoos.
  6. If you feel unwell, cold, symptoms of the disease — postponed and rescheduled trip to the tattoo artist. During disease our immune system is weakened, and all recovery processes slow down. In this case, you and your tattooed will heal much slower and more painful.

Follow these simple tips, and everything will be gorgeous!

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Tattoo Care
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