70 Stunning Tattoo Ideas For Women

Photos and sketches of tattoos for girls

The fact that in these days of the fair sex do tattoos, no doubt. That tattoo girls do not occur less frequently than in men — is a proven fact. Another question arises: whether to share the art of the tattoo on the male and female? Is there a difference in the subjects of Fine styles, sizes tattoos? On these and other questions we try to answer in this article.

Girls with tattoos — whether it is correct

It is not difficult to guess, no consensus about what can or can not do tattoos girls, there is no can not be. The more conservative members of the older generation say that we should not spoil the beauty of the maiden ink. At the same time, the fashion industry and advertising are in great demand tattooed ladies and girls in the tattoo community, no less than men. Every year, fashion imposes its foundations, but for most men, the main feature of feminine beauty, naturalness remains.

Cosmetics in large quantities, the silicone in different places, cosmetic surgery and everything else, from our point of view, do not paint women. However, whether it refers to such things a small tattoo on the hand of the girl? I think this question one has to answer himself.

In my opinion, a decoration can be the highlight of her , an excellent complement to the overall image.

The bad tattooed poor quality, no doubt, can overshadow even the most pleasant appearance and become a real burden. So whoever you are, responsible approach to the choice of a sketch and wizards!

LadybugPeacockA heart
A braceletFairyDreamcatcher

The best tattoos for girls

If you go to any get-together, where people with tattoos to be difficult at first to distinguish between male and female subjects. Many tattoos are equally important look at the bodies of both sexes. However, as not difficult to guess, there are popular tattoo designs for girls. And now I will try to list some of them.

First, it is a variety of labels, especially on the wrists. The majority of the fair sex — amorous and romantic nature, for what we do and appreciate. Especially Crafted image names.

For girls fill a wrist tattoo with the name of a loved one is a risky, but incredibly romantic gesture, and photos you will find examples of such work.

Secondly, women are much more likely to prefer a different floral pattern. About them we were told in detail in other articles, but I repeat: each flower has its own meaning, and this approach should be tattooed on the nature of its owner


In the third place, it should be said about places of tattoos for girls. There are some parts of the body that men practically do not clog, and for women on the other hand, they are loved. This place, for example, are the thighs. Tattooed on the thighs of the girls — favorite place . In addition to the thighs can be identified ankle, the lateral part of the foot and place behind the ear.

In summary, each floor has its own characteristics, but each tattoo should be individualized, depending on the character traits and exterior features of the future owner. Look article on tattoos for men , appreciate the difference!

Photos and designs

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