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Tattoo equipment — you need to work?

Selection of tattoo equipment

There are several types of tattoo machines with different capabilities and functions: induction of color, contour, shadows and rotor. For each type of work you need your equipment, so professionals use different models.

First, you need to buy a few tubes-holders: while you are working with one, the second will be sterilized. The tools are intended for contact with the skin, should be only metal or disposable. You must purchase the power supply and cord clip, metal pedal, the needle loop and color pigments, caps, disposable nozzles and gloves, anesthesia, petroleum jelly. It is important to equip a comfortable work space, buy a table, a chair with adjustable height, couch for customers.

For beginners in order to reasonable economy is better to buy rotary tattoo machine with a complete set. Work on the skin of the fruit or fat by using vegetable inks and gradually shift to high-quality pigments, using a special artificial skin as a canvas.

How to choose and buy the machine

Components of the induction machine tattoo:

  • contact screw;
  • terminals;
  • Frame;
  • holder;
  • coil;
  • Spring;
  • seal to connect the needle with the striker;
  • pin (starter);
  • capacitor;
  • seat for the needle;
  • rubber-gasket;
  • clamp tube;
  • tube holder;
  • tip.

It is necessary to pay attention to the power of the machine, can be purchased from 5 to 9 volts, but the higher the number, the smoother will operate the equipment. To use a more powerful machine, you need a lot of experience, otherwise you may injure your skin.

For professional tattoos are best suited tattoo machine with a powerful power supply and the smooth adjustment . They are needed for more complex tattoos, working effectively on problem areas of the skin. For beginners — a complex tool: strong vibration of the needle will not allow the layman to make a clear path. I recommend that in due course acquire all three tattoo machine.

Device tattoo machines

Contour — the needle is moving with gentle pressure, the paint does not spread below the skin and get a clear line.
Zakrasochnye — the needle, being in the epidermis, a little goes forward to the paint has had time to disperse. The paper should be put less effort.

The shadow machine intended for drawing shadows.

For starters, I would recommend rotary tattoo machines, setup which usually causes no problems, no vibration and noise, allowing you to make precise contours of the figure and work from home. They pin regulated stiffness that reduces the likelihood of damage to the skin. For this kind of machines suitable conventional motor from 1.5 to 6 volts. Over time, it will be understood from what equipment is more convenient to operate.

How to configure the machine for tattoo

For high-quality and safe operation, should become familiar with the instructions:

  • quality gun oil to rub all parts;
  • bekstem and fix the nozzle holder with screws;
  • mounted on the machine mount;
  • put a needle into a bar;
  • to secure the striker bar;
  • throw gum on the post to lock the tool;
  • adjust the flight of the needle, in order to outline typewriters she went to 1 cm from the edge, in the other not leave;
  • connected via clip-cord machine to the power supply, taking into account the polarity of the capacitor;
  • put on the power supply voltage is required.

should pay attention to the polarity to connect the clip cord. Mainly in typewriters are polar condensates, so the cord is connected to the plus and minus of the bandage back on the frame. The rotary typewriters voltage affects the speed of rotation, and the force remains constant in induction — on the contrary. At work it should take into account, otherwise there will be a bummer parts of machines, their rapid wear and failure of the condensate. The more equipment is operated, the more you need to twist screw pin. Newcomers better to turn to an experienced webmaster, as strongly recommended clamping screws. Begins with the rotor toy cars will be easier to handle.

Where to buy paint for tattoo

The most popular shades — black, red, yellow and white, they need to buy more than the others. Each color is better to take two shades: light and dark, to make a smooth transition or mix paint. I do not recommend interfere with fluorescent pigments. Do not take too cheap or expensive, it is better to consider options in the area of 8-15 dollars. Do not buy paint b/u without labels and seals, they can be diluted or used. What should be a quality paint?

  1. Microgranules plastic surgery is popular among professionals. They are expensive, but bright and saturated, are highly lasting.
  2. Mineral is a bit cheaper, but not as inferior. Paint will not react with cells does not spread, it is economical due to the thick consistency.
  3. The fluorescent pigment does not cause allergic reactions, does not spread, and looks spectacular in the dark.

Paints for tattoos

I am determined categorically against organic and plant pigments . They can cause allergies, bad hold circuit, quickly fade.

are used as diluents, distilled water, ethanol, glycerin, but I prefer most sorbitol. Pay attention to the composition of the paint, the presence of methylated spirits, aldehydes or surfactants is dangerous for the health of your customers! The red dye may include red mercury, cadmium or ocher, which cause allergic reactions.

One of the best colors:

  • Eternal It provides 100 beautiful bright colors. In the process of staining persists paint structure, easy to apply and suitable for most styles of tattoos.
  • Paints Intenze less amenable to fade. To paint over a large area of dense recommend Suluape Black Samoan, other works — Zuper Black.
  • С paint Dynamic It is working most of the masters. It is thick and easily driven in, excellent for dense paint over. The black color is ideal for the application circuit.

On the question «Where to buy paint for tattoo» usually respond the same way — in The shop specialized online. Many masters with a good client flows from Europe bought in bulk that goes not much more expensive than in Moscow or any other city, but to wait for the delivery still falls significantly longer.

Types of tattoo needles

Classification and Characterization:

  • RL (the number of needles in the beam 3-18 pieces) — «Information» needles are placed in a circle and soldered together. Suitable for drawing contour lines. 1RL — one needle on the Web.
  • RS (3-18 pieces) — «diluted» needles arranged in two parallel rows. Used for painting and tushevaniya.
  • Magnum — are intended to color and light tushevaniya. In a series of M1 (1-34) a needle placed in one row in M2 (1-42) — two further used for dense Bay. The skin is not damaged, the paint is applied evenly.
  • Round Magnum needle fixed in two rows, at the end resembling a semicircle. Suitable for smooth color.
  • Flat needles soldered one tight series, used for halftones and transitions.
  • Round needles are placed in a circle. Dense spike eases drawing outline, free spike is suitable for painting.
  • Single — one needle suitable for any work.

Beginners should choose RS, RL and Magnum, the rest of the needle — professionals.

Types of tattoo needles

Needles tattoo machines conical sharpening and «a bullet» is selected experienced craftsmen who start to use better rounded. Thin needles are designed for circuits, thick — for shading. There are regular and textured:

  • Normal — polished and are more suitable for amateurs.
  • Texture — polished only the tips of the needles.

They are easy to work with dense colors, especially in problem areas — at the back, lower back, as the ends of the needles going more paint. The only negative — it is impossible to beat the shadows. In operation, the more blood is released, but has no effect on wounds healing time. Newcomers better not to use them, because you can plow your skin.

Leather for the practice of tattoos

The skin for tattoos

In the process of getting your drawing, you can insert the needle too deeply and damage the epidermis, and then there are inflammation and infection. For training there Silicone Skin for the practice of tattoo that looks like this. There are several variations: the skin with a picture and without, 3D skin, which can be put into the hands of


I would recommend practicing on the skin of a young pig (only belly). It can be purchased for pennies on the meat market. On the minor shortcomings do not pay attention, because the artificial skin that can not be avoided. The more exercise and to delve into the nuances analyze errors in order to learn quickly. Do not forget to use petroleum jelly, and soapy water, otherwise the excess paint smeared all over the skin, and will not show the work performed.

Tattoo kits for beginners and professionals

The set of tattoo machines for beginners includes tattooists:

  1. Two tattoo machine for shading and contour or rotary;
  2. several kinds of colors and special pen;
  3. needle loop and painting with tips;
  4. pedal clip cord, power supply unit;
  5. gum, gloves, pads for isolation stand, cups for paint;
  6. medical ointment;
  7. metal holder, O-rings;
  8. set of hex keys, assembly instructions.

Professional tattoo kits are more expensive, starting 16,000 rubles . The kit includes an improved power supply with light, regenerating cream with vitamins, the markers with two tips, a wide range of different needles, gel for the translation pattern, and more.

For beginners is better to buy a set with a rotary machine. Over time, you can purchase the equipment induction. Supplies should choose individually, according to your taste. To buy should only certified stores.

The equipment for a tattoo should be approached deliberately and scrupulously, because it is not only the key to success, but also the health of your customers. Skill work enough over the years, but with poor tools can cripple not only the client, but also themselves.

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