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There are several types of tattoo machines with different capacities and functions such as induction for painting, contour, shadows and rotary. For each type of work you need your equipment so professionals use different models.

You need to buy several handsets-holders to begin with: while you work with one, the second will be sterilizing. The tools intended for contact with the skin should be metallic or disposable only. You need to buy a power supply and clip-cord, metal pedal, contour needles and stains, pigments, caps, disposable noses and gloves, anesthesia and petroleum jelly. It is important to conveniently equip the workplace, buy a table, a chair with adjustable height, a couch for clients.

It is better to purchase a rotary tattoo machine with a full set for the beginners for the sake of reasonable economy. Exercise on the rind of fruit or fat using vegetable paints and gradually pass to quality pigments, use a special artificial skin as a canvas.


Components of the induction tattoo machine:

  • contact screw;
  • terminals;
  • frame;
  • holder;
  • coils;
  • spring;
  • seal for connecting the needle to the striker;
  • peg (starter);
  • condenser;
  • a seat for a needle;
  • rubber band;
  • tube clamp;/li>
  • tube holder;
  • tip.

You should pay attention to the power of the machine cause you can buy from 5 to 9 volts but the higher this figure is — the smoother the equipment will work. You need a lot of experience to use a more powerful device otherwise you can injure the skin.

The most suitable are induction machines with a powerful power supply and a smooth adjustment for professional tattooing. They are needed for more complex tattoos as they effectively work on problem areas of the skin. This is a complex tool for beginners because a strong vibration of the needle will not allow the layman to make a clear contour. I recommend you to buy all three induction machines eventually.


Contouring is when the needle moves with light pressure and the paint under the skin does not spread and a clear line is obtained.
Painting is when the needle runs a little forward while in the epidermis so that the paint can disperse. In the work should be less effort.

The shadow machine is designed to draw shadows.

I would recommend rotary tattoo machines for beginners, the adjustment of which usually does not cause problems, vibration and noise are absent which makes it possible to draw accurate pictures and work at home. The stiffness of the impact can be adjusted which reduces the likelihood of skin damage. The normal motor from 1.5 to 6 volts is suitable to this type of the machines. It will be clear in time with what equipment it is more convenient to work with.


It is necessary to study the instruction well for high-quality and safe operation:

  • all the details should be wiped with high-quality weapon oil;
  • secure the backset and the nozzle in the holder with screws;
  • install the holder;
  • put a needle in the bar;
  • fix the tine to the bar;
  • throw an elastic band over the bar to fix the tool;
  • adjust the projection of the needle so that in contouring machines it would go out 1 cm from the edge and it would not come out in the rest;
  • connect the machine to the power supply unit using a clip-cord taking into account the polarity of the capacitor;
  • set the required voltage on the power unit.

You should pay attention to the polarity to connect the clip cord. There are polar condensates basically in machines therefore the cord is connected by a plus on a back bandage and a minus on a frame. The voltage affects the speed of rotation in rotary machines and the force remains constant and on the contrary in the induction. This should be considered at work otherwise there will be a breakdown of parts of the machine, their rapid deterioration and failure of the condensate. The more equipment is used, the more often it is necessary to screw in the contact screw. It is better to turn to an experienced master for beginners since it is not recommended to tighten the screw tightly. Beginners will cope easier with rotary machines.


The most running colors are black, red, yellow and white, they need to be bought more than others. Each color is better to take two shades such as dark and light to make a smooth transition or to mix paints. I do not recommend interfering with fluorescent pigments. Do not take too cheap or expensive as it is better to consider options in the region of 8-15 dollars. Do not buy used paint, without labels and seals, they can be diluted or used. What should be the quality paint?

  1. Micro-granules of surgical plastic are used by professionals. They are expensive but bright and saturated and are distinguished by a high duration.
  2. Mineral is slightly cheaper but do not concede in quality. The paint does not react with cells, does not spread out, and it is economical because of its thick consistency.
  3. Fluorescent pigment does not cause allergic reactions, does not spread and effectively looks in the dark.

Краски для тату

I am strongly opposed to organic and plant pigments. They can cause allergies poorly maintain the contour and fade quickly.

Diluted water, ethyl alcohol and glycerin can be used as diluents but I prefer sorbitol. Pay attention to the composition of the paint, the presence of denaturants, aldehydes or surfactants is dangerous for the health of your customers! Red paint may include red mercury, cadmium or ocher, which cause allergic reactions.

Some of the best paints are:

  • Eternal provides 100 beautiful bright colors. The structure of the paint is retained in the process of painting, it is easy to apply and suitable for most styles of the tattoo.
  • Intenze paints are less fading. I recommend Suluape Black Samoan for dense coverage of a large area, for other works it is Zuper Black.
  • A lot of masters work with the Dynamic paint. It is thick and easy to paint, great for dense color. Black is ideal for painting contours.

I usually answer equally for the question «Where to buy paint for tattoos?» — In the specialized Internet markets. Many masters with good customer streams are ordered from Europe in bulk, which is not much more expensive than in Moscow or any other city, although the delivery still has to wait much longer.


Classification and characteristics:

  • RL (the number of needles in the bundle is 3-18 pieces) are the «combined» needles, are placed in a circle and are welded together. Suitable for painting contour lines. 1RL is one needle on the rod.
  • RL (the number of needles in the bundle is 3-18 pieces) are the «combined» needles, are placed in a circle and are welded together. Suitable for painting contour lines. 1RL is one needle on the rod.
  • Magnum is designed for coloring and easy stamping. The needles are placed in one row in the M1 series (1-34), in M2 (1-42) they are in two are additionally used for a dense bay. The skin is not injured and the paint is applying evenly.
  • Round Magnum needles are fixed in two rows, at the end resembling a semicircle. Suitable for smooth coloring.
  • Flat needles are welded in one tight row, used for halftones and transitions.
  • Round needles are placed in a circle. A tight spike makes it easier to draw a contour and a free spike is suitable for painting.
  • Single is one needle, suitable for any work.

It is better to choose RS, RL and Magnum for beginners, other needles to professionals

Виды тату игл

Needles for tattoo machines cone-shaped sharpening and «under the bullet» are chosen by experienced masters who are already better in using the rounded ones. Thin needles are designed for contours, thick needles for feathering. There are conventional and textured:

  • Conventional is polished and more suitable for amateurs.
  • Textured is polished only the tips of the needles.

They are convenient to work with dense paints, especially in problem areas such as the back of the neck and the back, as more paint is collected at the ends of the needles. The only negative thing is impossibility to beat out shadows. More blood is allocated in the process of work but does not affect on the wound healing time. It is better to not use them for beginners as it is possible to plow the skin.


Кожа для татуировок

It is possible to insert the needle too deeply and damage the epidermis during the patterning process after which inflammation and infection occur. There is a silicone skin for practicing a tattoo that resembles a real one for training. There are several variations such as skin with a pattern and without, 3D skin, which can be put on hand.

I would recommend training on the skin of a young pig (only from the belly). It can be purchased in meat markets for pennies. Do not pay attention on small defects because on artificial skin this can’t be avoided. The more you train and delve into the nuances, analyze the errors, the faster you will learn. Do not forget to use petroleum jelly and soapy water, otherwise the excess paint will smear all over the skin and you will not see the work done.


The set of tattoo machines for beginning tattoo artists includes:

  1. Two induction machines for shadows and contours or rotary;
  2. Several types of paints and a special pen;
  3. Needles for the contour and painting with tips;
  4. Pedal, clip-cord, power supply unit;
  5. Elastics, gloves, insulation pads, stand, cups for paint;
  6. Medical ointment;
  7. Metal holder, O-rings;
  8. Set of hex keys, assembly instruction.

Professional tattoo kits are more expensive, start from 16,000 rubles. The kit includes an improved power supply with backlight, a regenerating cream with vitamins, markers with two tips, a large assortment of different needles, a gel for transferring the picture and much more.

It is better to buy a set with a rotary typewriter for beginners. You can buy induction equipment in time. Consumables should be selected separately according to your taste. Buy it in certified stores only.

The equipment for tattooing should be approached consciously and scrupulously because this is not only the key to success, but also the health of your customers. Mastery is developing over the years but with bad tools you can cripple not only the client, but yourself.

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