100 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men - Photos, Meanings, Tips

Best Tattoo for men: photos, sketches, value

If you compare male and female tattoos in our time, it is possible make an interesting conclusion. The vast majority of the fair sex does tattoos solely for aesthetic reasons. Yes, it’s beautiful tattoo. Therefore, the girls try to use this relatively uncirculated way of body decoration, to give himself a certain uniqueness to stand out from the crowd, do not be like everyone else.

In part, men pursue exactly the same purpose. This is especially true for adolescents who present a complex of inferiority. At a young age the need for self-expression and self-exaltation of others more than ever acute, so it is often young people in fact do not care what will be crammed on their skin. The fact of the presence of tattoos already makes them different from the crowd.


In fact, the main feature of male tattoos traditionally the symbolism . Since ancient times, tattoos for men — this is his passport. The symbols on the body could tell about the profession, family history, life events and so on. Warriors applied tattoos to intimidate the enemy during combat.

The big influence on the nature of man’s tattoo culture has made the prison tattoos. The history of our long-suffering country includes times when a significant portion of the male population was forced to go through the prison and inadvertently leaked this theme in many areas of our lives. Therefore, a lot of guys who do not have anyone to do with the criminal world, before a tattoo check its value jail.

Tattoo for men is chosen based on its value , on how it reflects the character traits of the owner, as well as from parts of the body, where it will be packed. The most popular are those that emphasize the strength, the will, the greatness and superiority. Most often it is stories with images of animals: a lion, a wolf, a tiger or a bear. One of the most traditional subjects in both sexes is a skull. Perhaps it is a symbol of their ancestors had come from the tradition of intimidating opponents and scare away enemies.

However, as in the case of girls, male tattoo sketch should be chosen solely on the basis of the appearance and character of the future owner. To make it easier to present to you the catalog of the most beautiful in my opinion tattoos for guys.

Photos and designs

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