How to Deal With Tattoo Pain - 8 Tips

Does it hurt to do a tattoo?

The question of whether to do a tattoo hurts, hurts not only those who are just going to decorate your body tattoos, but also those who have already gone through one process and determined to score another part of the body.

Yes, if you are not the first time on our website, then you know that the section a place for tattoo painted in detail where the hardest to do tattoos. However, part of the body — not the only criterion of how strong the feeling you get during the procedure. Asked whether the hurt to do a tattoo, you need to pay attention to the following factors.

I experience and qualifications of the master

This is probably the main and most obvious factor that can affect the process of soreness. The artist should not just be good to carry a sketch on the body, but also be able to use analgesic ointments, to pause, if necessary. For different types of pattern fit different types of needles, different types of machines, and all of this affects the feeling.

II place for a tattoo

As we have said before, a lot depends on the body part, which is stuffed tatuha. If your chest or hands feeling quite reasonable, that during the procedure on the eyelids, feet, armpits or the edges may appear that you were in hell. Feel on a particular area of the body depends on two main aspects:

  • the number of nerve endings located in the area;
  • of meat or fat between the skin and bone (the closer the skin to the bone, the more painful to tattoo)

Specifically, we have made a special table for you, which compared the pain of a tattoo on the body parts! View it in the section locations for tattoos.

Of course, you can endure any pain and later we will give some tips on how best to do it. But, if you’re too sensitive, think twice before scoring hypersensitive skin.

III threshold of pain

It’s no secret that all people have their own degree of sensitivity pain. It is believed that men are more to endure any discomfort, which is logical. So basically the question whether to do a tattoo hurt interest in the fair sex. In any case, the tolerance of pain is generated over time and amenable to training, so that if the first tattoo was given to you hard, the third does not bring much discomfort .

IV duration of the procedure

The more complicated the tattoo, the more time required for its implementation. To draw the all the small parts or paint over a solid surface, the master will have some time to work on the same site. This inadvertently leads to the fact that this area is irritated exposed needle , which certainly enhances the sensation of pain. That is why the great works are distributed on several visits to the tattoo artist. You can always pause and then finish the job as the skin heals.
These are the main factors influencing the extent to hurt to do a tattoo. If you are still afraid and not sure whether to expose their bodies to such stress, here are some tips on how to smooth feeling.

The inner attitude

Do not load yourself about the pain. Tattooing is by no means the most severe of what we have to endure every day. Sore muscles after sports training, feeling during hair removal, childbirth, in the end — as compared with the same feeling during tattooing more like tickling


Music, movies, TV shows, books

Normally one session takes several hours, and when we are not busy, involuntarily begin to concentrate on the sensations. Therefore, the most logical in this situation — just a distraction. Believe me, the master will be pleased, if you take yourself a book or music. I do not think there are artists who love to chat for hours. So do not hesitate to use any means that will entertain you, but do not distract the tattoo artist.

Methods of anesthesia

In some salons, clients are offered a service of general anesthesia during the session. This procedure is associated with some risk, so if possible it should be avoided, and the great need in it. Today every professional tattoo artist uses during a special ointment for tattoos, gels and sprays based on benzokalina and lidocaine, which not only reduce pain but also reduce irritation of the skin.

Be in tone

Before visiting the tattoo parlor you need to sleep, eat lunch, take a shower. It is not necessary to come to the master tired, sweaty and hungry. In no case can not consume alcohol or drugs before a session (and have never). All this not only unpleasant to the artist, but also directly affects the sensations during the procedure and that it is essential to the healing process after it.

Do you know other ways to deal with the pain? Share in the comments. Finally I will say that the best means of combating the discomfort — endorphins — the happy hormone, secreted by the body. Joy, which brings us a quality made tatuha, will be enough to sustain any meal!

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