Tooth tattoo - 25 Photos, Designs, Risks and Tips

A new kind of tattoo on teeth

Throughout the history of its existence, man has sought to diversify and improve their appearance by using the items from the outside world. Originally used as decoration primitive materials: natural stones, leather, plants. Over time, progress has allowed using ink to represent different patterns on the body.

In recent years, the tattoo industry has reached the peak of manufacturability. Before the tattoo masters remained intractable problems — paintings on the skin is obtained to carry out with photographic accuracy. But there are always special enthusiasts, which this time went much further than conventional frames — have learned to apply a tattoo on the teeth.

What are the objectives tattoo on teeth

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Initially patterning on tooth enamel decoration implied a certain effect. And this goal is justified. Tattoos on the teeth pursuing cosmetic purpose in people with small enamel defects , its cracks or abrasions.

This drawing is an alternative to expensive dental procedures such as installing veneers (dental overlays). Looking at photos of tattoo on the teeth can choose for themselves a pattern that is closest to you by nature and perception of the world.

To be afraid of the application of the image on tooth enamel is not necessary, because it is absolutely safe and does not look like a traditional application pattern on the skin of the body. Master with a special glue fixes the selected image on your tooth enamel — will have to wait a few minutes for the adhesive under the influence of frozen LEDs


What’s important: these decorations can be easily removed from the teeth without damaging tooth enamel. So too biased to the choice is not worth it, because after a while with aksessury can say goodbye forever.

eyeball tattoo 1
Tattoos on the eyeball

Harmful to health if a new kind of tattoo?

Temporary tatoos

3 chances to make a temporary tattoo

Photos and designs

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