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Throughout the course of history, people have strived for diversifying and improving their appearance with the help of things from the world around. Originally, primitive materials were used as ornaments. Natural stones, leather and plants were used. Over time, progress enabled people to tattoo various pictures with the help of ink.

Tattoo industry has recently reached a peak of efficiency. Tattoo artists don’t face insoluble problems anymore – tattoos look exactly the same as sketches. But there are always enthusiasts who went beyond the limits this time — they learned how to ink tattoos on teeth.


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Initially, tattooing tooth enamel was aimed at decorating certain defects. And such a goal is fully justified. Tattooing teeth pursue cosmetic goals in people who have small flaws of tooth enamel, including cracks or rubbing marks.

pattern provides an alternative to such an expensive dental procedure as fixing veneers (dental build-ups). You can choose the pattern that fits your nature and world perception looking through photos of tattoos on teeth.

You shouldn’t be afraid of tattooing tooth enamel because it’s absolutely safe and it isn’t similar to a conventional process of inking the body. A specialist uses special glue and fixes the chosen picture on tooth enamel – you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the glue to freeze under the influence of LEDs.

What’s important is that such ornaments are easily removed from teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too biased while choosing patterns because after a while you can say goodbye to such accessories forever.

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