White Ink Tattoos - Pros, Cons & Risks

White tattoo

On the way to the decision to get a tattoo, we are faced with a multitude of issues relating to style, size, location, value, and so on. Most people do not think about the color of the tattoo, in most cases it is simply not needed.

If the image is a motive for something from real life, such as an animal or a flower, we transfer this image to the skin, preserving the natural natural colors. Some choose black and white version of the pattern. In this case, the tattoo is done only in black paint, or use a lot of shades of gray. But few people think about white tattoos!

It is difficult to say how and when white tattoos first appeared. It can be assumed that the white pigment in Russia began to draw back in the 90s. Since then, the skill of tattoo artists and the quality of materials has increased significantly, and white tattoos are increasingly common in the art of tattoo lovers.

Эскизы-тату-белой-краской Тату-белой-краской-на-запястье Тату-белой-краской-на-плече Тату-белой-краской-у-девушки Тату-в-белом-цвете

Popular rumors of tattoo white paint

As you may have realized, white tattoo are applied to special pigments (dye). On the Internet you can find a number of popular myths and legends concerning these tattoos:

  1. One color tattoos are less visible, and do not attract attention
  2. Of course, this is not true. White tattoo will be more difficult to distinguish at first sight, but it does not exactly inconspicuous remain. Externally, tattoos white bit like the result of scarring — yet another kind of decoration of the body. But, unlike scars, tattoos in the case of no skin scars remains, and the surface is smooth and even saved.

  3. White tattoo quickly lose their shape and color
  4. In the nineties definitely been cases where the tattoo faded white, the colors are muddy, eventually had to resort to correction and alteration. As is the case with UV tattoos, everything depends on the quality pigment . In our time, the problem remains far behind. Although once again urge you to carefully choose the master and the interior, who entrusted his body!

The main feature white tattoos is that this shade lighter than the natural color of the skin. That is why under the influence of external factors, the paint color may appear slightly darker .

It is important that during the procedure in the paint did not fall unnecessary substances. Any impurity, for example, particles perevodilki on which the master works, can be a little grease overall color.

In any case, before deciding to make tattoo white consult with the master. He’ll tell you how this image will look on your body, and whether there are reasons for concern.

What can be drawn in white?

Whatever. Most often we get to see small geometric figures, stars, crosses, but sometimes quite voluminous complex picture. Tattoos for girls with white paint is mainly variations mehendi. To be more original, the girls choose a white pigment instead of a temporary henna.

In general, the nature of white paint tattoo images often overlap with blackwork — geometric images of black paint, what you can see by looking at the photos!

Tattoo on scars

How to hide a scar, a scar or burn marks? With the help of a tattoo!

UV tattoos

Invisible tattoos that are visible only in the dark. Really? The answer here!

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Интересная-белатя-тату-на-голени Татуировка-белой-краской-внизу-живота Татуировка-белой-краской-на-голени Татуировка-белой-краской-на-плече Татуировка-дерево-белой-краской Татуировка-с-розами-белой-краской Тату-мастер-йода-белой-краской Наколка-белой-краской-на-кистях Тату-надпись-в-белом-цвете Тату-перо-белой-краской Тату-птичка-белой-краской Тату-с-белой-краской-на-лопатке Узор-белой-краской-на-руке Фото-белой-татуировки-со-звездами Фото-тату-надписи-белой-краской
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