Amy Winehouse tattoo Meanings and Photos

Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse — a popular British singer, who died in 2011. She won fame thanks to amazing talent, unique image and scandalous reputation. Her extravagant image and style of dress was complemented by a tattoo on the body. Until now, its image — one of the most extraordinary, talented and controversial


Not all tattoo Amy Winehouse is seen in the photo, there are a total of 12 pieces. Some tattoos are located in a closed and inconspicuous places.

  1. Horseshoe
  2. Horseshoe with blue and pink contour filling is done to encourage good luck. The inscription around her Daddy’s girl talks about her love for her father, determines its place in her life. This tattoo was done the very first at a young age.


  3. breast-pocket
  4. Imitation pocket on the chest with the words of Blake’s transfers real strong feelings for Blake Sibyl. Located in the heart of the district says that her love belongs to him.


  5. Lightning
  6. Lightning on the right wrist shows experienced periods of pain, aggression, fears the singer expresses her anger.


  7. Bird
  8. Singing bird on a zipper is shown on a branch and with notes from the beak. This bird shows the connection with the music, unwavering love for creativity, which is confirmed by the words Never Clipmy Wings (translated into Russian, «Do not cut my wings»).


  9. Nude girl
  10. Naked girl on the left shoulder expresses eccentricity and recklessness Amy.


  11. «Y»
  12. Latin letters «Y» in the place where there should be a wedding ring, was made after one of the boys whose name starts with that letter.

  13. Feather
  14. Perot made licentious, symbolizes the girl in touch with family, respect for them and their ancestors.


  15. Anchor
  16. Anchor on the abdomen is made as a challenge. Such tattoo Hello Sailor inscription (in translation from English «Hello sailor») worn by prostitutes in ports.


  17. Eagle
  18. Eagle was made after the ban to enter the United States.

  19. «Ankh»

  20. «Ankh» — is an Egyptian symbol, symbolizing eternal life and continued after his death.

  21. Betty Boop Character
  22. Cartoon character Betty Boop on the buttock is the favorite hero of the singer. That it is a way to follow Amy.

  23. Girls
  24. 12

Two girls tattoo on his left shoulder made in the style of the 50s, who sympathize with the girl. Also, this image shows her love to her grandmother Cynthia by inscriptions.

Amy Winehouse tattoo reflects her inner world, her attitude towards life and people pass events of her life, to leave a trace in the soul.

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