Scarlett Johansson tattoo Meanings and Photos

Scarlett Johansson Tattoos

Scarlett Johansson — young, beautiful, talented actress, singer. She takes an active part in social activities. Like many Hollywood stars, it is not spared the fashion for tattoos. Scarlett Johansson Tattoo reflect its relationship to the world, optimistic, cheerful.


Actress has 4 tattoos on her body.

  1. On the right foot shows two circles with the letter A. The value of the tattoo is unknown.
  2. ФОТО 1

  3. On the inside of the left hand side shows the color image with the rising sun over the sea. Tattoos done in bright colors. It is known that the actress made a sketch of herself, working on it a week. Sunrise is always symbolized the beginning of blossoming, optimism, faith in the best.
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  5. On his right hand is visible tattoo of a bracelet with a pendant on which the inscription «I Heart NY». This imitation ornaments first appeared at the premiere of the film «The Avengers» in 2012. New York is a favorite city of the stars, and so she expressed her boundless affection for him. Interesting bracelet, not only the words but also the form of suspension, repeating the hammer of Thor.
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  7. The latest tattoo Scarlett Johansson made famous in the world master Fuzi Uvtpk stars. Artist actress visited during a trip to Paris. The new image is located on the right side. The inverted horseshoe, together with the inscription «Lucky You» (in Russian, «You are a lucky man») is intended to bring good luck and success in life.
  8. ФОТО 4

Scarlett Johansson is not often noticed, he did not consider it necessary to decipher the meaning of the tattoo. In her opinion, they are a deep personal meaning, which only the closest people can know. Therefore, the semantic load of some of her tattoo is still a popular topic of discussion and speculation. This mystery gives the actress a certain mystique.

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