Channing Tatum's Tattoo Meanings and Photos


Tattooing is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. Many star and regular couples express their feelings to each other through the same tattoos. Body images denote not only love and affection, but also the desire to spend the entire life together. Channing Tatum became obsessed with a new trend as well.

He met his soulmate while working on in the film “Step Up”, collaborating with Jenna Dewan. They met in 2006. Their three-year romance ended with a proposal and wedding. The couple spent the honeymoon in Bali. After the arrival, it was discovered that the couple had made twin tattoos during the rest.

Tattoos of Channing Tatum and his wife are made in the language of the island of Bali. It means “side by side”. Jenna has the inscription on the left leg, and Channing has it on the left side close to heart. The inscription has a deep meaning for the couple. Moreover, it looks beautiful. In an interview, Channing said that these words were an element of their marriage vow.


You can see Channing Tatum’s tattoo on biceps. Questions about the meaning of the image have arisen many times. IH tattoo is tattooed on the inside of the arm. They are deciphered as “Iron Horse”. Channing Tatum’s tattoo on biceps was inked in honor of the ranch in Alabama, owned by his uncle, with which many impressions, emotions and events are associated.


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