Channing Tatum tattoo Meanings and Photos

Channing Tatum Tattoos

In today’s world have become increasingly popular tattoos. Many famous and ordinary couples express their feelings to each other by the same tattoo. Natelnye image not only speak of love and affection, but also the desire to be together for a lifetime. Not spared a new trend and Channing Tatum.

His second half he met during a joint operation of the actor in the movie «Step Up» Jenna Duane. The meeting took place in 2006. Their three-year affair ended proposal and wedding. Honeymoon couple celebrated in Bali. Upon arrival it was discovered that the couple make a guy a tattoo during the holidays.

Tattoos Channing Tatum and his wife made the language of the island of Bali. Translated into Russian, it means «side by side» . Located in Jena inscription on the left leg, while Channing on the left side near the heart. The inscription not only carries deep meaning for the couple, but also looks nice. In an interview with Channing said that these words are a part of their wedding vows with Jenna.


The photo shows a tattoo Channing Tatum biceps. Questions about the meaning of the image appeared many times. On hand tattoo letters IH is located on the inner side. Decrypts it as a «Iron Horse». Translated into Russian inscription means «iron horse» . Tattoos Channing Tatum on the bicep done in honor of the ranch in Alabama owned by his uncle, which is associated with a lot of impressions, emotions and events.


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