Ariana Grande tattoo Meanings and Photos

Ariana Grande Tattoo

Ariana Grande — famous and popular American singer and actress. She repeatedly mentioned in the interview about his love for tattoos.

From the photographs of the singer can be seen that it is in the whole prefer to style, elegance. Also, in the images of the body. They are small, delicate and full of meaning.

  1. On the index finger of the right foot can see a little heart. It appeared in 2012. The singer dedicated heart to your friends, family and fans of her work, thus expressing their love and gratitude.
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  3. The back of the neck Ariana Grande made a tattoo of your favorite films with the inscription «Breakfast at Tiffany’s.» The words «the Mille tendresse» in translation into Russian means «a thousand endearments.» The phrase appeared in 2014.
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  5. Simultaneously with the inscription on the neck on the left side there was a tattoo of the word «Bellissima». This beautiful Ariana referred to her beloved grandfather.
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  7. On the ring finger of the right hand, there is another small heart symbolizing love. The singer has acquired them in May 2015.
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  9. Under the left ear at the Ariana Grande crescent tattoo. He appeared on the singer’s neck in April 2015. Value image actress refused to comment. Perhaps it is connected with her boyfriend Brian Nicholson, who has the same tattoo in the same place.
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  11. On the middle finger of his right hand at the Ariana inscription dedicated to the first world tour. The phrase «Honeymoon Customers» is translated as «Honeymoon» and appeared on her finger in 2015.
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  13. Ariana Grande Tattoo «aleph lamed dalet» made in 2015 to protect against the evil eye and bad influences. Symbols are placed on the ring finger of the right hand.
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Each illustration is impregnated with tenderness, love, elegance, such peculiar singer.

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