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Photos and significance of tattoos Jared Leto

Oh, this Jared Leto. Oskoronosny actor, frontman of the famous rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, the director and just a great guy. For me personally, Jared will always be associated with the film «Requiem for a Dream,» the younger generation knows him for his role in the film «Alexander». In any case, the creative person of interest to us as the owner is very unusual tattoos.

The most copied and, perhaps, the famous tattoo Jared Leto is located on the wrist. This bound glyphs . They are associated with a group of 30 seconds to mars and familiar to her fans.


Another geometric tattoo stuffed on his left forearm near the elbow actor, also devoted to the work of the group. This circle with a cross inside — a symbol of the album, entitled «A Beautiful Lie»


Two triad , located on the outside of the hand — another reference to one of the music albums. It is noteworthy that the tattoo is completely symmetrical, which is extremely rare to find the famous stars of show business.


The slogan of the group 30 seconds to mars in Latin tattooed on the chest of the singer. The phrase «Provehito in Altum» can be translated as «deep desire».


One of the newest tattoo Jared Leto — the so-called «orb epsilon». It is a symbolic map of the universe, depicted in the form divided into two parts of the circle and out of his hands. Another 2 arrow can be found on the musician calves, they show up, it is obvious — a tattoo with the terms



In summary, it can be seen that the value of tattoos Jared Leto somehow connected with the work of his group. This kind of general philosophy, which the musician should be in all that he does. All work on his comprehended body, made in the same style. Do you like symmetrical such characters? Write in the comments!

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