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Tattoo Joe Gilgun

Today, our keen eyes and ran down to the tattoo Joseph Gilgal — a charismatic actor and a person with an interesting fate.

Татуировки Руди

In Russia, John is known primarily for its role in the television series trash Scum , where he played not one, but two characters (the hero of the plot Gilgal could bifurcate).

Let’s talk about tattoos directly Joseph Gilgal. It is difficult to calculate the exact number. In the «scum» Gilgal was one of the few who did not have to draw artificial tatuha.

Perhaps, it is like no other in the series corresponds to the image externally turretless Man and Wild Child. Despite the fact that the actor willingly photographed and talking with reporters, tattoos are present, including out of the reach of cameras .

The thing is that with the help of tattoos Gilgal captures all significant events your life.

After filming «scum» on his chest Man appeared the inscription «23456». The names of the director, on the sets of producer and partner of the painting «This England», which became the breakthrough debut of Gilgal, and decorate his body.

On the one hand, it can be considered as an approach frivolous, irresponsible and frivolous. Aesthetes and connoisseurs of art tattoo tattoos certainly consider Joseph miscue.

However, all work on the actor’s body understood. Each tattoo has a story, evokes emotions and evokes memories. For Gilgal is not just a beautiful picture, but a real blog, the story of a lifetime.

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