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The popularity of tattoos among Hollywood stars is increasing every year. Not spared it a party and a famous actor Joseph Morgan. His acting career is gaining momentum, the vampire of the series «The Vampire Diaries» and «original» fall in love with many fans. On its sports body tattoos look great. At the moment the actor’s three of them.


In the photo Joseph Morgan perfectly see his tattoos. At the same time they do not emphasize on all the attention of spectators and fans. Small size, quality made, two of them are made in black and white and one colored. Each of them has a certain meaning.

  1. Tiger on the right shoulder of blue with open mouth can symbolize rapacity, aggressiveness, ability to defend himself, rage, speed, beauty, sensuality. The image is often found in Asian culture. Natural image looks not only beautiful and picturesque, but also transmits the character traits of the animal, its swiftness, power, and strength. Brindle is associated with the game of the sun and the shade, indicating the interweaving of life and death.
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  3. On the left shoulder of Joseph Morgan tattoo pen with the birds. This image combines the freedom and inspiration and feathered shoulder symbolism. Extraordinary creative image reflects the owner’s personality, talents, enthusiasm, desire for independence. In Native American culture feather symbolized the rebirth of life. Also pen represents qualities such as strength of will, spirituality, strength of mind, flight of thought and fantasy. The pen is often used for tattoos, as it allows to carry out many individual dreams and ideas through forms of species, colors, sizes, images options.
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  5. has a tattoo in the form of a triangle on the right scapula Joseph Morgan. This geometric symbol is found in many religions and cultures. Everywhere he carries a sacred meaning, identifying virility, creativity, a tongue of flame. In all cultures, the top representing balance of different forces.
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The value of tattoos once again emphasizes the creative nature of the owner, his courage, will-power, swiftness, craving for life, desire for freedom balanced with spirituality, sensuality, confidence, protection.

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