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Tattoos Kristen Stewart

The young stars Kristen Stewart tattoos are only on the hands.

Each star is decorated with a wrist tattoo. On the left are drawn four lanes on the right — a small symbol of infinity, which the actress struck in the North American city of Nashville.
Four small strips — it’s the first tattoo «twilight» stars, which she made during a road trip with his girlfriend Scout Taylor-Compton. Driving in the beginning of April 2013 to the Texas city of El Paso, girlfriend dropped into a tattoo salon «Sun City Tattoo», where Kristen and made her his first tattoo.

Actress did not disclose the value of the tattoo on his left hand.

There are several opinions about the fact that this tattoo is for Kristen Stewart:

  • Four strips — a symbol popular in the 70s, the punk band Black Flag;
  • the number of stripes is equal to years-long romance with the star movie actor Robert Pattinson, the gap with whom she is very worried.
  • тату кристен стюарт

    In the same year, the summer traveling through the territory of states with their friends, Kristen made a second tattoo, only this time on the other wrist. Figure is located quite close to the palm. It is worth noting that the other four friends in the salon «Pride & Glor» made themselves the exact same tattoo as Stewart.

    Фото 2

    The third tattoo star decided to make myself after completing the filming of «Cloud Sils-Maria,» where her character on the right forearm was a tattoo in the form of light bulbs out of the picture of the famous Spanish painter Picasso’s «Guernica». Kristen says that during filming is very used to it, so after graduation decided to make a real tattoo.

    тату кристен стюарт на руке

    An interesting point, which in this figure put the founder of Cubism. At the tattoo depicts light, which in his painting, the artist takes a place symbol of modern progress of science and technology, very tightly linked to the development of society. In parallel, the lamp bears the image of a bomb -. Weapons of mass destruction, which is used in the world’s conflicts and wars

    The artist used the image of a light bulb to remind mankind that God is watching everything and sees everything. This picture — peace of protest against war and violence. Perhaps the role of the heroine Kristen Stewart echoes the issues raised by a great artist, thereby tattoo is embedded special meaning?

    The fourth tattoo of a star appeared in late 2014. Its value is the star does not disclose how and her friend Alicia Kargayl, which is exactly the same tattoo.

    Stewart grew up in a family whose members love to paint their bodies. Rather, from the «twilight» of the star in the future should not expect new tattoo.

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