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Lionel Messi is a legendary football player of our time. He has received a great number of awards. He plays for the Spanish football club Barcelona and is captain of the national team of Argentina. He is the idol of millions not only in his native country and in Spain, but all over the world. A lot of fans copy him by taking Lionel Messi’s tattoos as a basis for their tattoos. The footballer entrusts his body to Roberto Lopez, who creates real masterpieces on skin. In general, the forward of “Barcelona” has 5 tattoos.


A portrait of Lionel’s grandmother is tattooed on the left shoulder-blade. She always took a special place in his life. He started playing football thanks to her and, therefore, he dedicates all his goals to her memory. It was the first tattoo of the sportsman. The movement after scoring with index fingers raised upwards is known to everyone. It’s a gesture for the grandmother that it is in her honor.



Left leg of the athlete is decorated with two tattoos.

  1. The image of his son’s small hands and the name of Thiago was the second Lionel’s tattoo was. The main image was tattooed in early 2013. In the future, it was completed: wings and a heart around the name appeared. Thus, the football player shows his love for the firstborn and associates him with angel.
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  3. A composition dedicated to football is tattooed on shin. It consists of a soccer ball, its number 10 and a sword with a rose. This tattoo symbolizes danger, forwards in football. It is a threat to rivals. Many fans consider this tattoo to be too simple for the main forward. It was inked in late 2014.

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There are two tattoos on Lionel Messi’s right arm.

  1. The image of Jesus adorns the shoulder of a football player. The image reflects his piety and faith. It shows that God is inside him. It’s gratitude for all the victories, accomplishments and family. The tattoo was inked in early 2015.
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  3. The latest tattoo, which was inked in March, is a composition on his arm dedicated to Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family, located in Barcelona. The elbow of the football player is adorned with motifs of the architecture of the dome. Besides, there are a cross and stained-glass in the composition. The watch depicts time that is running out. Lotus flower has a variety of meanings that vary according to color. Messi chose pink that signifies divinity. Other colors: white symbolizes spiritual perfection, red — love, purity of heart, blue means wisdom and great knowledge.

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