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The American pop diva Miley Cyrus, more recently, known worldwide as the heroine of the series Hannah Montana, where she played a teenage girl, now famous not only popular hits, but his tattoos. Example Miley is really interesting, because at such a young age (she was born in 1992) has about two dozen tattoos, each of which has a special significance. Personally, I was impressed by the fact that the tattoo art in the home of Miley Cyrus suffers not only it: her father, a former well-known in the US country musician Billy Ray Cyrus and her half-brother covered with tattoos. Thus, this is the case, when the «blue disease» is inherited. We’ll talk more about all the tattoo Miley Cyrus !

1.Just breath under the breast

«Just breathe» — the first in the form of a tattoo Miley inscriptions made in 17 years. This headdress is made in memory of the departed from the life of her friend Vanessa, who died of lung cancer. singer Grandparents also have died because of this terrible disease. That is why just breath tattoo done is in the field of light


2.Love ear

The singer explains this inscription made on the ear, is very simple. According to her, every day she hears so much negativity in his address that he had long ceased to think about what she is told. Love — what really matters is what I want to think and what you want to hear. Therefore, the inscription on the ear for the actress and singer — is a filter protecting from evil tongues



3.Serdtse on the little finger of the right hand

The fingers — a favorite place for tattoos for our heroine, almost every finger decorates a symbol. On the little finger of his right hand stuffed heart tattoo. According to the girl, the symbol represents the unity of all members of the Cyrus family. Moreover, after the same tattoo done father, mother, sister and brother of the singer’s heart on his finger was a family attribute.


4.Krest on the ring finger of the left hand

On the inner side of the ring finger of the left hand of Miss Cyrus there is a tiny cross tattoo. Its importance is due to the belief in God and belonging to the Christian religion.


5.Lovets dreams on the right side

The biggest my tattoo Miley made on the right side. It shows Dreamcatcher. About its importance, we have told in a separate article. It is an ancient magic attribute that was used in Native American ceremonies. It is believed that if to hang it on the bed, it will protect from bad dreams, missing only the good. According to relatives of the actress, this attribute is present and in her home. Interestingly, the number of feathers on the tattoo corresponds to the number of members of the family of the singer, which makes it even more symbolic.


6.Znak world on the middle finger of the right hand

Like all others, this symbol has its own meaning, which is generally based on the name. Rather, it represents a good soul, but the winner does not apply to its exact meaning, saying only that no tattoo on her body is not meaningless.


7.Anchor on the right ankle

On an anchor tattoo we discussed in a separate article, which said that today it is applied not only to people who have a membership to the service in the Navy. For Miley is a symbol of the house, where it is in peace and security. Tattoo anchor symbolizes a place where you can always go back.


8.Karma on the index finger of the right hand

These days, the concept of karma as relevant as ever. In general terms this tattoo indicates that the perfect man good and evil comes back later. Good things happen only with good people, bad waiting for grief and disappointment.


9.The equal sign on the ring finger of the right hand

The smallest and dull and, at the same time the most outrageous tattoo Miley Cyrus looks like a normal equal sign «=». This is the case when for the tattoo says the value that puts her in the holder. This image according to our heroine made in support of gays and lesbians. Miley strongly advocated the legalization of gay marriage and believes in equality of love as one of its top priorities.


10.Skull tattoo on the ankle

Another tiny tattoos on the body of Cyrus looks like a skull. It is associated with the Day of the Dead — Mexican holiday. In my opinion, the quality of the picture leaves much to be desired, but it is worth noting that this is a steam room tattoo — at Miley groom is the same as.


11.Om symbol on his left wrist

The «OM» came to us from Indian culture and religion. It sounds spoken in meditation, the vibrations of which are embodied in the divine energy.


12.The inscription «Love Never Dies» in the left hand

The value of the tattoo is clear from the text of the inscription. An interesting detail is that the first word is written with a small letter.


13.Eye on the index finger of the right hand

For a public person is quite understandable desire to protect themselves from all sorts of evil eye, damage and threats. To this end, the singer shows his finger eye — a symbol of protection from the evil eye and slander.


14.VIIXCI Figures on the right forearm

The value of the public at large the tattoo is not yet known. As a rule, write the date in Roman numerals. Interestingly, the exact same tattoo in the same place there is the singer Avril Lavigne, details of which will be discussed in the next article.


15.Quote on the left hand

Quote Theodore Roosevelt, imprinted on the body of Miley Cyrus, literally translated as follows: «This place will never be cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.» It is the longest inscription on the actress’s body and takes 3 lines. What do you think, if successfully selected font for a tattoo in the form of inscriptions? Write in the comments!


16.The word BAD on the middle finger of the right hand

Word BAD (bad) finger singer is a tribute to the self-titled album by Michael Jackson. According to Miley said, Jackson is her longtime idol, inspires creativity.


17.Overlapping arrows on the right elbow

The arrows in the shape of a cross — a symbol of friendship, borrowed from Native American culture. Tattoo is designed to emphasize the friendly character actress.


18.Figure heart on his right hand

At the tattoo depicts a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci’s «anatomical heart.» On it there are two adjacent hearts inside the circle. Rather, it is a symbol of the unity of the two heart symbolizing love.


More recently, we have learned about the new tattoo of Miley Cyrus in 2014! On the left side of the singer boasted image recently deceased pet — beloved dog Floyd. According to the girls said that through this loss was extremely simple. It is noteworthy that a new tattoo has been made at a party , according to rumors, after the use of small amounts of banned substances.

It is also interesting to note that with the same tattoo of Miley made her close friends. Agree, this is a great way to support a loved one in a difficult situation.

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