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When choosing a tattoo everyone thinks not only attractive and unique form, as well as investing in its own sense. Some believe that the image on the body will change their lives, and who is doing the tattoo in honor of significant life events and people. Not spared fashionable trend actress of the series «Twilight» Nikki Reed.

Now it is very often found on the body of a variety of labels. Most often they use English, Chinese, Latin. The actress excelled and made a tattoo in Russian. they look unique and elegant at least for the American star. The actress chooses a style for printing simple and straightforward.

  1. The first tattoo Nikki Reed made during the hot and exciting affair with Russian actor Paul Priluchny. Their relationship did not prevent ignorance of the language, and long distance. The inscription with the name of the beloved movie star on the wrist to make a surprise. She clarified the correct spelling of a young man. After the break-up Nikki Reed brought tattoo «Priluchny».
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  3. The inscription on the right side is made the same in Russian and says, «There must be something more.» The meaning of words is understandable but the senses must be something else that will bind and bind people, despite any distance.
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  5. On the ring finger of the star there is an inscription with the name of a new lover and husband Paul McDonald. His name has been written in English — «Paul».

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At the moment, the actress’s new novel, and fans are wondering if Nikki Reed a new tattoo on his body will appear with the name of another partner or a bad experience taught the star to choose other images that do not have to be reduced.

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