What tattoos did Vin Diesel have in movies?

Tattoos Vin Diesel

The famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel sign at all the colorful and exciting films. In most cases, his characters — a brutal man, and inflated with tattoos. However, in the life of the actor refers to the images on the body adversely. He believes that any of the characters, figures may influence the fate and change it, so all of his tattoos are made solely for the purpose of filming and they are temporary.

Film Communication and tattoos

«bad guys», which plays Vin Diesel, have tattoos, often relevant. Here are some examples of his career.

film «XXX» actor played the main role of a guy with a penchant for extreme, unnerving the police. Specially same name tattooed on his neck was made for this film. It is a symbol of extreme sports champion.


Besides her, the actor’s body is decorated with paintings on both hands and shoulders.


For the films «Babel of our day» Win Diesel also made a few tattoos. Also painted hands, he is present inscription «Elephant» on the fingers, it classifies certain prisoners.

On the back is a large-scale shows the scarab in the Egyptian style, which implies the right to administer the fate of people.


On the neck, you can notice a circle with three figures in it. It symbolizes the triple agreement between the people and the ancients. This symbol protects the holder from the dark forces and magical effects.


«Bouncer» — in this movie, the main character tattoo related to his nationality. On the shoulder of the Wine Star of David, symbol, depicted on the flag of Israel. It appears as two triangles with oppositely directed vertices, superposed.

His body for tattoos actor trusts Cristiano Kinsley, which uses the technology of application with water, making it possible not to injure the skin. Total actor wore more than 20 pictures.

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