Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) tattoo Meanings and Photos

The man with the tattoo skeleton

Rick Genest, and as it is called, zombie-fighting is the most tattooed man in the world. The entire body is covered with tattoos Rica, which depicts a human skeleton. Dzhenest works as a model. He was repeatedly invited to participate in fashion shows. He even participated in the video of Lady Gaga and the film «47 Ronin». skeleton Tattoo Rick brought worldwide fame. It belongs to the most outstanding personalities in modern history.

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The history of tattooing skeleton began when the boy was 16 years old. During the next 6 years, he covers the body of the guy tattoos that eventually led to the current version. Looking at a person’s face from skeletal tattoos, actually we see the skull, which seemed to show through the thin skin of Man. It is noteworthy that the tattoo shows up all the elements of the skull and the skull meets all sizes Rica.

The body Rica and looks like a rotting corpse. A complete image is created by flies and other signs of decay. The guy spent a huge amount out to be radically different from the others. According Dzhenesta, this is not the end, there are a lot of details that need to be improved.

According to the lovers to decorate your body with tattoos, tattoo skeleton value associated with the other world, death, transience of life of a certain hopelessness . Many see the skeleton and its parts as a kind of amulet, which is able to protect against premature and accidental death. Tatu also serves as a reminder that everything in this world has an end, and it is not necessary to be afraid of.

skeleton tattoo on the arm allows us to consider all the elements of hand, finger bones, tendons. Such tattoos are doing, mostly men, because on a fragile woman’s body image will look a bit ridiculous. We have tried to assemble a small collection of tattoos in the form of a skeleton, and photos directly Dzhenesta Rica.


The young singer managed to acquire a large number of very different tattoos.

Mike Tyson

Not many people know that in addition to the famous Mike Tyson tattoo on his face, his body decorated with several portraits of famous people.

Photos and designs

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