Inked in Memory: Amy Winehouse’s Tattoos Tell a Story of Love, Loss, and Legacy

Amy Winehouse is a popular British singer, who died in 2011. She won fame thanks to her tremendous talent, unique image and scandalous reputation. Her extravagant image and mode of dressing was accompanied by tattoos on her body. Her image is still one of the most extraordinary, talented and contradictory ones.

Not all Amy Winehouse’s tattoos can be seen in photos. There are 12 tattoos in general. Some tattoos are inked in closed and stealthy places.



Horseshoe with a blue outline and pink filling is made to call for luck. The inscription around it “Daddy’s girl” speaks of her love for her father, determines his place in her life. This tattoo was the very first one and was inked at a young age.

Chest pocket


Imitation of the pocket on the chest with words “Blake’s” conveys really strong feelings to Blake Sibyl. The fact that the tattoo is inked in the heart area indicates that her love belongs to him.



Lightning on the right wrist indicates the periods of pain experienced, aggression, the singer’s fears, expresses her anger.



A singing bird above the lightning is depicted sitting on a branch and with notes flying out its beak. This bird shows a connection with music, a rock-solid love of creativity, which is confirmed by the words “Never Clip my Wings”.

Naked girl


A naked girl on her left shoulder expresses Amy’s eccentricity and recklessness.



A fluffy feather symbolizes the girl’s connection with the family, respect for them and ancestors.



Anchor on the abdomen is inked as a sign of a challenge. Such tattoos with the inscription “Hello Sailor” were inked by prostitutes in ports.

Eagle and “Ankh”


Eagle was tattooed after the ban to enter America.“Ankh” is an Egyptian symbol, symbolizing eternal life and continuation after death.

Batty Boop


Cartoon character Batty Boop on the buttock is singer’s favorite character. She was Amy’s role model.



Two tattoos of girls on the left shoulder are made in the style of 1950s, which the singer was fond of. Moreover, this image shows her love for her grandmother through the inscription Cynthia.

Amy Winehouse’s tattoos reflected her inner world, her attitude to life and people, showed the events of her life that left imprints on her soul.