Tattoos of Steel: Chris Evans’ Body Art Reflects His Muscular Marvel and Patriotic Passion

Chris Evans is a popular American actor and crowd puller. He succumbed to love of self-expression with the help of tattoos like many other celebrities. Tattoos add brutality to the actor, without making him a bad guy. They look elegant and modest, complementing an impressive sporty figure. Chris Evans’s tattoos have a deep implication and are made for a particular reason. There are six of them in total.

1 Despite the frenzied popularity, the actor remains modest and shy, loyal to the family and his principles. Each tattoo emphasizes these traits and reflects his attitude to life.


2 On the right shoulder, the actor tattooed a sign, similar to the letter A. This image was the first to occur on the body of the celebrity. It symbolizes the connection with the family, care for the beloved.


3 On the left shoulder, there is a tattoo symbolizing the zodiac sign of Chris’s mother. The actor says this is his favorite tattoo.


4 The inscription on the right shoulder, located above the symbol of the family, is translated as “Loyalty”. The actor believes that this is an important trait for a man. He considers it wrong to squander people and betray them.


5 On the right side of actor’s torso, one can see an inscription “In memory of Bradley, forever with me”. The phrase is dedicated to a close friend of Chris, who died in a car accident in November 2003, Matt Bradley.


6 During the period of creative rise and the dawn of his popularity, it was difficult for the actor to cope with a sudden glory and continue working. Buddhism helped him. In 2011, Chris inked a tattoo in the form of an inscription with a quote from this teaching as a symbol of pacification, balance.’


Chris Evans is not the only child in the family. He has two sisters (Sean and Carly) and a brother Scott. To honor them, the actor inked an ankle tattoo in the form of the first letters from their names – “SCS”.

All Chris Evans’s tattoos reflect his amazing devotion to his family, goodwill, masculinity and loyalty.