Badass Beauty: The Tattoos of Cara Delevingne Showcase Her Fearless Spirit and Creative Style

Cara Delevingne has a playful, erratic character. She was infested with love to tattoos by her friends Rihanna and Rita Ora, who have a lot of images on their bodies. The model made her first tattoo according to their advice, which has very much rejoiced with. The image was painted by the master of the Bang Bang salon in New York, where many Hollywood stars made tattoos.

There are many images and inscriptions on the body of the supermodel now.

  • Leo was the first tattoo. He appeared on the index finger of her right hand. The king of beasts looks beautiful, and spectacular, and easily hides under the rings if necessary. Reflects the nobility and majesty of the character of the possessor and it is directly associated with her zodiac sign.
  • During the model’s holiday on the beach of Barbados Island, a lot of photos appeared on the network, which clearly show Cara Delevingne ‘s tattoo under the chest. Swimsuit playfully reveals a cheerful and optimistic inscription «Do not worry, be happy». This world-famous quote from Bobby McFerrin’s song will perfectly reassure you in moments of spiritual weakness.
  • In addition to the tattoo on the finger of the right hand, Cara Delevingne has one more on the side of the palm. Three letters show the initials of her full name — Cara Jocelyn Delevingne.
  • Cara made a tattoo on her neck, designed to protect her from evil and change her life for the better while she was being in Thailand. The image «Sak Yant» bears sacred significance, in Asia people believed since ancient times that the tattoo, together with the shaman’s conspiracy, can fundamentally change lives and protect it from any impact.
  • The little finger of the left hand is decorated by a low-key red heart.
  • The bacon inscription on the foot reflects the sense of humor and the fervent character of the model. Especially since it’s her favorite dish.
  • The inscription «Made in England» adorns on the second foot, which tells about the roots of Cara.
  • Cara Delevingne made a tattoo «Pandora» in honor of the mother on the left biceps.
  • The right ear of the well-known model is decorated with two tattoos. A small diamond is located inside the ear. Stars are drawn around, constituting the constellation Southern Cross.
  • There is a Roman numeral 12 on the right side, symbolizing the number of her birth.
  • The right wrist of Cara is decorated with the inscription «silence».
  • Cara acquired an author’s tattoo from Dr Woo on her left side in 2015. It is made in its unique and recognizable style.
  • Cara filled the letters DD with Jordan Dunn on the right side. These tattoos symbolize their friendship.
  • The model acquired a white tattoo, which is much easier to hide in mid-2014. On the inner side of the right hand are the words «Breathe Deep», which urges to breathe deeper.

There is another white tattoo on the finger which is made in the form of a dove.

According to the model agency, Cara Delevingne’s tattoos have a detrimental effect on her career, as many customers prefer photos with clean skin. But the model claims that she can not stop and continues to make illustrations on her body.