Tattooed Romance: The Body Art of Lana Del Rey Reflects Her Love for Nostalgia and Hollywood Glamour

Lana Del Rey — singer with a beautiful sweet voice won him popularity rapidly fast. He appeared on stage for the first time with the native name Lizzy Grant in 2009, but at that time her success broke for unknown reasons. In 2011, Lana Del Rey all stunned, having universal love and popularity. She immediately overgrown with fans and admirers. The events of her life surrounded by mystery and caused a lot of discussions. The actress is on her body several inscriptions, Lana Del Rey is a lover of tattoos on his hands.

Total Lana has seven inscriptions on the hands.

1 On the back of the left hand in the photo Lana Del Rey visible tattoo «M». It is made as a mark of respect to his grandmother, whose name is Madeleine.


2 On the same spot on his left arm tattooed inscription «Paradise», translated means «paradise».


3 Sideways on the right hand there is an inscription «Trust no one», which translates as «do not trust anyone.» It adheres to the motto of Lana life, she engaged in self-creative activity, decision-makers. It is against falsehood iobmana.


4 On her finger, designed for an engagement ring, tattoo lettering «Die Young» — «Die young».


5 On the right wrist from Lana Del Rey tattoo the names of her inspirational writers. Similar work by Vladimir Nabokov became the basis for the song «Lolita.» This caused a strong surge of negativity among feminists and moralists in the United States. Walt Whitman gave rise to the song «Body Electric», written by his poem of the 19th century.


6 On the inside of the right hand inscription «Chateau Marmont» in honor of her favorite places on the planet, which has become a second home.


In the life of Lana Del Rey there is a set of events that can affect ordinary inscribed on her hands.