The Emotional Significance Behind Christina Aguilera’s Tattoos

The body of one of the most popular pop singer is adorned with five tattoos. All Christina Aguilera’s tattoos are located on different parts of the body.

The singer inked her first tattoo in September 2001. Christina Aguilera’s tattoo in the form of a small flower, made with the use of Celtic style, adorns her left wrist. This inked flower symbolizes eternal love and friendship.

At the turn of 2001 and 2002, Christina inked her second tattoo on the lower belly, in order to decorate her body. Jorge Santos was the inspirer and co-author of the tattoo. The singer experienced her first feeling of true love with him.


Christina Aguilera inked her third tattoo to honor herself. So the singer’s neck is decorated with the inscription “Xtina” in italics, which displays a shortened version of her name. This tattoo appeared in 2002, when the singer was preparing for the release of the album “Stripped”.


Christina Aguilera made a new tattoo in summer of the next year, while preparing for the tour in support of this album. The celebrity chose her left forearm for her fourth tattoo.

The tattoo is inked in the form of inscriptions in two languages: Hebrew and Spanish. The inscription in Hebrew means initials – “YB”. The Spanish phrase “Te Amo Siempre” tattooed in red is translated as “I love you forever”. This tattoo was made in ho nor of Jordan Bratman.


In 2005, on the eve of the wedding of Christina and Jordan, the singer presented her future husband a kind of gift in the form of a tattoo, which she inked on small of back. The inscription is also made in Hebrew and is a quotation from the biblical book “The Song of Songs” by King Solomon. Literally the phrase “Shira-Shirim” means “I belong to my beloved, and my beloved belongs to me”. Christina tattooed the initials of her future husband “JB” under this inscription.