The Significance Behind Dwayne Johnson’s Muscle and Ink

The big man in every sense of Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed «The Rock» is now one of the world’s biggest movie stars. In 2014 came the film «Hercules», and in 2015 all were looking forward to the next series of «Fast and the Furious.» The life story of the actor is very interesting and instructive. In his youth, he played professional football, then followed his father and grandfather, becoming a fighter. So Rock got into professional wrestling. Today, this man is not only the largest and most powerful, but also one of the highest paid Hollywood actors. For most fans he sample of courage and strength.

We are also interested in tattoos Dwayne Johnson, whom he has two. Both are located on the hands, and both are fraught with hidden meaning.

The first tattoo — on his right bicep — designed as a head bull . This is an example of classical zodiac tattoos symbolizing the sign under which Duane was born. Even if we ignore the subject of horoscopes, bull tattoo on the body of a man is unlikely to cause someone confusion.


Value of the second tattoo Dwayne Johnson the rock is much more interesting. On the left shoulder of the actor has bulk story Polynesian-style . We know that every detail of this figure was made in honor of certain life events. The process of application was accompanied by traditional tribal rituals.


At the very headdress can be seen a number of classical motifs. This warrior Samoa, sun, illuminating the path and bring good luck, the eyes of ancestors and a dozen elements. A person who is not familiar with the peculiarities Polynesian style, will be difficult to immediately dismantle all parts of the value of the painting. Nevertheless, even the uninitiated person, such work is admired, curiosity and interest. Tattoo What famous person you seem closest to your taste? Write in the comments!