The Art and Meaning Behind George Clooney’s Iconic Tattoos

Tattoos come in the form of animals, insects, flowers, cities, abstract drawings. A special place is tribal style, which accounts for over a third of the tattoo.

Description tribal tattoo

Many people believe that this option does not bear much sense, it is simply a beautiful pattern. In fact, this style has its roots in antiquity. Translation of the word tribal as tribal, clan. Many ancient tribes did paintings in this style, believing that in this way connect the body and the soul. We used tattooing during sacred rituals. A characteristic feature of the image is black-and-white colors, crisp lines. They are focused on the individual emotional perception, rather than a specific figure. In Europe, the style came from the sailors, traveling the world.

One of the most famous carriers tattoo style is described by George Clooney, the popular actor, writer and producer.


George Clooney became popular thanks to the film «From Dusk Till Dawn», which is ideally approached his tattoo on his arm. Pointed flames begin with the wrist and ends in the neck. Tattoo George Clooney filled before the filming of the movie, and in other roles she was hiding under a layer of makeup.

Tattoo George Clooney, many are now called «From Dusk Till Dawn.» It looks like the flames. It symbolizes the fire element, saving and punishing, overcoming darkness and otherworldly forces. Describes how the owner of a bold, passionate, fair nature with talent, charisma, great stamina.

These tattoos are not divided by sex and fit any age. Many fans of the actor put itself like image.