The Significance of Jared Leto’s Inked Masterpiece

That’s Jared Leto. Oscar-winning actor, frontman of the famous rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, director and simply a great guy. As for me, Jared will always be associated with the film “Requiem for a Dream”. A younger generation knows him for his role in the film “Alexander”. In any case, this creative person is interesting to us as the owner of extremely unusual tattoos.

The most copied and, perhaps, famous Jared Leto’s tattoo is inked on his wrist. These are intertwined Glyphs. They are associated with a band 30 seconds to mars and are well known to its fans.


Another geometric tattoo, inked on artist’s left forearm near elbow, is also dedicated to band’s creative activity. This is a circle with a cross inside – a symbol of the album called “A Beautiful Lie”.


Two triads, located on the outside of arms, are another reference to one of band’s music albums. It is noteworthy that tattoos are absolutely symmetrical, which is extremely rare for popular show business stars.


The slogan of the band 30 seconds to mars in Latin is tattooed on the singer’s chest. The phrase “Provehito in Altum” can be translated as “launch forth into the deep”.


One of the newest Jared Leto’s tattoos is the so-called “orbis epsilon”. This is a symbolic map of the universe, depicted in the form of a circle divided into two parts and arrows emerging from it. 2 more arrows can be found on musician’s calf, they point upwards, obviously — to the tattoo with a circle.