Joseph Morgan’s Tattoos: A Look at his Artistic Tributes

The popularity of tattoos among Hollywood celebrities keeps increasing. A well-known actor Joseph Morgan couldn’t resist this trend as well. His acting career is succeeding, a lot of fans have fallen in love with the vampire from the series “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals”. Tattoos look great on his sporty body. The actor has three tattoos at the moment.


You can clearly see Joseph Morgan’s tattoos in this photo. However, they don’t attract too much attention of viewers and fans. They are small and of high quality. Two of them are inked in black and white and one of them is multicolor. Each of them has a certain message.

1 A blue tiger with a jaw open wide on the right shoulder can symbolize rawness, aggressiveness, defensive ability, rage, speed, beauty, sensuality. This image is often found in Asian culture. Natural image looks beautiful and picturesque. Moreover, it conveys the character traits of this animal, including its swiftness, power, and strength. Tiger color is associated with the play of the sun and shadow, denoting intertwining of life and death.


2 There is a tattoo of a feather with birds on the left shoulder of Joseph Morgan. This image combines freedom and inspiration of birds and the symbolism of the shoulder. Such an extraordinary image reflects the creative personality of the owner, his talent, enthusiasm, desire for independence. In the Indian culture, feathers symbolized rebirth of life. Moreover, feathers mean such traits as willpower, spirituality, fortitude, stretch of thought and imagination. Feathers are often used in tattoos, as they enable to implement many personal ideas, due to a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, image options.


3 There is a tattoo in the form of a triangle on the right shoulder blade of Joseph Morgan. This geometric symbol is found in many religions and cultures. It has a sacred meaning, identifying male power, creativity, and flame. Peaks denoted the equilibrium of different forces in all cultures.


Once again, meaning of tattoos emphasizes the creative nature of the owner, his masculinity, will power, impetuosity, craving for life, desire for freedom balanced with spirituality, sensuality, trust, and protection.[sc name=»video2″]