The Evolution of Justin Bieber’s Tattoos: 2016 and Beyond

Oh, these young pop star. All of them are young, talented, ambitious, and almost everyone likes to do tattoos. Almost all the singing children acquire first tattoos at the age of 14-15 years and 20-25 on their bodies is almost no free space. We have already discussed the work on the body of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, some young Russian stars, and finally talk about Justin Bieber.

Ironically, unlike some colleagues in showbiz first tattoo Justin was more than meaningful. Silhouette gull on the left side is a sort of family tradition Bieber. The same picture is there with his father and uncle, the artist.


In the area of the armpit, you can see a small symbol. In fact it is the inscription, which is incorporated word Jesus .


On the lower leg of a young artist, you can see another religious symbol — portrait of Jesus. However, personally I was a little confused by the artistic value of the paintings. And what do you think?


One of the earliest tattoos Bieber — Believe inscription on his arm. Now his hand almost completely clogged.


Like many singers, Justin’s body is a symbol denoting a vocation and a profession. In this case we are talking about the music and the symbol on the right elbow.


ABOUT Tattoos in the form of a crown we mentioned in one of the sections of our portal. Suffice it to recall that, traditionally, it represents pride, majesty, power. The crown on the chest — another tattooed Justin Bieber.


Excellent work can be contemplated at the foot of the singer — hands folded in prayer. Made really great!


One of the most ordinary-looking work, I think Indian head image on the left shoulder blade.


It is believed that the roman numerals on the chest Justin — number 1975 — packed in honor of his mother, who was born this year.


Under the artist’s left elbow located owl


It is interesting to get a tattoo in the form of a knight, which occupies half of the left hand.


According to the press eye pattern in the elbow area is dedicated to the singer’s mother.