Katy Perry’s Tattoos: A Window into her Creative Soul

Tattoo fans often follow a certain style. Their tattoos are close in terms of their meaning and outward. A famous American singer, composer, writer and actress Katy Perry stands out from the majority of celebrities with her unpredictability. Her tattoos surprise with inconsistency, they are unique and interesting.

Often, you can hardly guess the message of Katy Perry’s tattoos and their meaning in the life of the singer. Drama queen loves to keep intrigue and attract attention by extraordinary actions. Once she confused her fans by making a temporary tattoo with the words “Josh Grobin” on her chest (the name of a little-known singer at the time).



At the moment, there are five tattoos on Katy Perry’s body.

1 Katy inked her first tattoo on her left wrist after moving to Los Angeles. She was brought up in a religious family and believes that religion, a sense of faith inside, helps in difficult situations. The word “Jesus” symbolizes her faith, it keeps away from choosing the wrong path in life.


2 In 2009, the singer inked two flirty tattoos on ankles. There is a smiling candy on the right one, and a smiling strawberry is located on the left one. The singer commented that these images are associated with the magical period of her life, that is, the previous 15 months. Judging by the time of occurrence of tattoos on her body, they may be associated with another stage of her creative career, growth of popularity. But these are only assumptions.


3 There is an inscription “Anuugacchati Pravaha” on the inside of the right arm. The phrase is written in Sanskrit. It urges to go with the flow. The same tattoo was made by her husband (at that time) Russell Brand.


4 There is a small image of lotus on the right wrist. This eastern symbol brings love, prosperity and beauty to life.