Lena Headey’s Tattoos Reflect Her Strong Will and Daring Spirit

Tattoos to some extent become a drug for their owner. A desire to make a new image. Lena Headey, a popular English actress, admits that he can not go past the tattoo parlor with a calm heart. Her love for images Body deliver a lot of make-up artists of problems.


Each illustration on the body carries deep meaning for the actress, reveals the secret little corners of her soul.

  • The first tattoo Lena Headey was the name «Jason» on the wrist, made in the Thai language. The inscription is dedicated to the actor Jason Flemyng, whom they met in 1994 on the set of the painting «Jungle Book.» Their relationship lasted 9 years. At the moment, the inscription new masked image of a bird.
  • Lina colorful back covers large-scale image, including a lotus, peony, swallows. Applying this color tattoo took about 7 hours.
  • On the right shoulder of the bright, delicate and ornate image of butterflies.
  • On the inner side of the right hand illustration of an open cage with birds flying away.
  • For the right ear has a small swallow in flight.
  • On the back of the left foot drawing birds.
  • On the left side along the edges of the inscription shows, the value of which is unknown.

Tatu Lena Headey reflect her creative nature, brightness, cheerfulness. Love for birds and open the door says the desire for freedom and independence, reflects the flight of the soul, the inspiration. The presence of oriental characters (lotus, yin-yang) reflects the passion of the actress yoga and Eastern philosophy.

Lin says that the love of the illustrations on the body is connected not only with the end result. The process gives her no less pleasure in the cabin she can relax, focus, gather scattered thoughts, to meditate.

Among the fans of the actress so far there are disputes about the real number of tattoos actress, their location and value.