Discovering the Secret Messages in Megan Fox’s Tattoos

The body of Hollywood star is already flaunts a lot of images and quotes. They attract the attention of not less than the external beauty of the actress. By the number of tattoo Megan Fox is already close to all the well-known Angelina Jolie. However, Megan any damage to the body of the character is set. They identify the stages of life of the actress. This may be a new role, an important point, or something to do with the work . According to Megan Fox Tattoo important to her much more than celebrity status. Therefore, at any time it is prepared to reject the offer of producers, but would never tattoo will bring.

The most memorable tattoo Megan Fox, photo which is presented below, is a phrase written in old English style writing.


The inscriptions are located on the left side and can be seen only after the actress raises her hand. Translated, tattoo Megan Fox on the edges, means: «Once upon a time in the world lived a little girl, and she did not know love until her heart was not broken boy.» It altered the very actress Shakespeare quote.

The most popular tattoo Megan Fox, whose photos are often glimpsed in the glossy magazines, is a Shakespeare quotation on the right shoulder blade celebrity.


The inscription is taken from the scene where Lear says it over the body of his daughter. The phrase translates as: «We will always laugh at golden butterflies».

On his left wrist visible symbol of Yin-Yang. His task is to convey to others the actress belief in continuous connection of male and female. On the far distance tattoo looks spot, as performed in one color.


On the neck, back, caused the Chinese character meaning «strength». The symbol shall be a broad concept, which also includes energy, vigor and firmness of soul. Character cover their hair, so it can be seen only at the request of the most famous. A deep sense of comprising symbol emphasizes traits Megan.


The only color pattern is a star with a crescent moon on his right ankle. This tattoo Megan Fox and its meaning remains a mystery to all fans of the actress. Herself a celebrity does not give comments on the Islamic symbolism.

One tattoo Megan decided deliberately to hide. The name of her favorite guy — Brian. It is located in the lower right abdomen, and see the inscription can only be sexually explicit photo shoots.


At the opposite side of the quote Shakespeare, Nietzsche is saying. On the right side is the text, which can be translated as: «Dancing seem crazy for someone who could not hear the music.» About this tattoo is very little information, so it is impossible to say exactly what it means to Megan.


And finally, the most remarkable and unusual tattoo — a portrait of Marilyn Monroe (Photo 3). Image has been applied for a long time in the memory of the great, for Megan actress. It is located on the right hand and gradually reduces laser surgery. In one of his interviews, celebrity explained the decision to reduce the tattoo: «Marilyn was unbalanced and negative person afflicted with bipolar. I do not want to bring this energy into your life «.