The Mark of a Champion: Mike Tyson’s Tattoos Tell a Story of Power, Pain, and Redemption

It must be said that the body of Mike Tyson has several tattoos. The earliest he began to make more in prison, where he spent a period of his life. The body of the former boxer can be taken apart portraits of Mao Zedong, Che Guevara and Arthur Nash (black players in tennis).


But the greatest interest has always attracted the most visible and discussed tattoo Mike — pattern on the face. Tyson was perhaps the first star of such magnitude, who dared to make a tattoo on the most visible parts of his body. Mike Tyson tattoo on his face caused a flurry of discussions that culminated in the film output The Hangover 2 .

Boxer lit up in both parts of the American comedy, in which he played himself. In the second part of one of the protagonists of the film I had the exact same tatuha. This fact caused a scandal when the author Tyson tattoo saw this as copyright infringement, demanding to cancel the release of the film and pour him kilogram bags of money in the bargain.


According to various tabloids and press the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face refers to the traditional image of the Maori tribe. We talked a lot about tribal tattoos in the relevant section. Specialists in this world are very few characters. It is known that the tribes of New Zealand and the surrounding islands, most inhabitants have similar tattoos, including the face. Each of them tells the story of its owner: genealogy, belonging to the family, profession


According to others tattoo on Tyson’s face does not apply to the Maori culture and has no direct value. Boxer himself said that he never liked the look of his face, and with a tattoo he likes it so much more .