The Power and Beauty of Rihanna’s Tattoo Collection

Nowadays young pop divas do not hesitate to decorate your body with tattoos. We have already talked about the actress and now singer Miley Cyrus, who has 18 tattoos, and now tell you about Rihanna, who needs no special introduction. His first tattoo the singer made at age 18. What? How many tattoos Rihanna? In this article, we will tell about all the 19 headdresses star, and start with the new!

1.Tatu under Rihanna’s breasts — Egyptian goddess

One of the new tattoo Rihanna has become the image of ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, symbolizing rebirth. According to the singer, the tattoo done in honor of the late grandmother, who was a spiritual mentor, the best counselor and role model.


2,3 Treble clef and a falcon on his ankle

First of all I must say that Falcon closes previous tattoo in the form of a treble clef, who apparently tired of the singer. Instead, it now shows the bird depicted in the form of a pistol. Artistic image resembles the ancient Egyptian style. In particular, the wings are very similar to those that are pinned under the breast Rihanna.



4.Tibetan inscription on the buttock


5.Tatu Rihanna collarbone — Cross

In a small cross shows the clavicle singer. Obviously, in this case, it is a religious symbol, the meaning of which is understood by all.


6.Tatu Rihanna on her fingers — Thug life


highly controversial inscription on the phalanges stars, which can be translated as «life killer» or «gangster life», made in honor of the American rap legend Tupac. 2Pac bore this inscription on his stomach, Rihanna has chosen the fingers. An interesting detail is that the inscription is made of pale-pink paint. How do you make that decision?

7.Pervaya tattoo Rihanna — zodiac sign

As we have said, the singer his first tattoo done at the age of eighteen. It was a symbolic image of the zodiac fish behind the right ear. It began with the sign of the zodiac stars fascination underwear designs.


8.Star ear

Another tattoo in the ear, but now the left, has a star shape. This is a fairly rare phenomenon in the world of underwear painting and decided to make a tattoo is on the inside of the ear — in the cartilage, looks quite original.


9.The inscription on the side


On the side of the singer flaunts inscription in Sanskrit — a forgotten ancient Indian language. Translation of the inscription literally means «forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control». After the first photos of Rihanna’s tattoo on her side appeared in the press, in Sanskrit experts saw a mistake in writing.


10.Star on the back

This is the most popular and most discussed tattooed singer. Many fans know about her relationship with hip-hop artist Chris Brown. So, in 2008, together they make a guy a tattoo in the form of stars on the neck.
Later, the singer finishing touches this picture, making a small scattering of stars in a plume that extends from the neck to the right shoulder blade.


11.Arab inscription on the left side

Love Rihanna to tatuha foreign languages embodied in another image, this time — on the left side. The word in Arabic, translated into Russian as «Liberty».


12.Shhh on the index finger of the right hand

It is not difficult to guess, this set of consonants similar to Russian «Shh», a call for silence. Semantic idea of the playful tattoos completely transmits photos.


13.Love on the middle finger of the left hand


Well then, now the exhibition finger singers can be seen as pretty nice gesture.


14.Tatu Rihanna on her shoulder: Roman numerals

Exactly the same tattoo there and Miley Cyrus. In this and in the other case so indicates date. On Rihanna’s shoulder knocked date 11.04.1986 — date of birth of her best friend. That, in turn, knocked on his body birthday Rihanna. And you’re ready for a girlfriend?


15.Skull ankle

At the ankle the singer showing off a rather primitive skull with a red bow. It is difficult to see in this deep philosophical meaning. When looking at a tattoo I want to say, «fun».


16.Tatu Maori on hand Rihanna

Having been in New Zealand, the star decided to leave on his body a memorable decoration in the form of tattoos. Tattoo Rihanna on her arm — is a classic tattoo Maori tribe. The value of this pattern is quite difficult to decipher.17.Pistolet to armpit

In 2009 on one of the photo shoots Rihanna showed another tattoo, this time in the form of a pistol. We have already seen this picture many stars, and its value is written in a separate article. Rihanna’s Gun is located under the right arm, just below the armpit.



18.Tatu Rihanna on the collarbone: a mirror inscription

On the right collarbone singer flaunts inscription Never a failure, always a lesson, that Russian can be translated as, «Never mistake, but there is always a lesson.» According to the owner, this is her motto, calling inferred from every situation in life, nothing spared. Interestingly, the inscription is packed full mirror, that is backwards.



On the neck of the singer is another inscription, this time in French. Rebelle Fleur in Russian sounds like «rebellious flower». Well, most likely it Rihanna talks about his naughty and irreconcilable nature.