The Story Behind Selena Gomez’s Stunning Tattoo Collection

Selena Gomez is another young talent, known for her participation in American youth films and serials. Famous throughout the universe, Hannah Montana — the heroine of Selena — has brought up more than one generation of teenagers and is still a role model for many to follow. As you know, young female fans follow not only stylish looks and mode of dressing, but all addictions as well, for example, tattoos and piercings. A few photos Selena Gomez’s tattoos are often discussed by fans of the star on the Internet. By the way, the discussion is not always unambiguous. Let’s analyze what is inked on young diva’s body.

It’s noteworthy that Selena isn’t similar to her colleagues on a scene: Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. She doesn’t like large tattoos, preferring small symbols and icons.

It’s interesting that Selena was occasionally seen with temporary tattoos.

The first tattoo was a small image on wrist. The singer decided to ink a cross, explaining this by being very religious.


A year later, fans saw the inscription Sel, framed by a scattering of stars, on celebrity’s shoulder. But it turned out that the cross and the inscription were short-lived. Famous tattoo Justin was temporary as well. It was inked in honor of Selena’s former lover Justin Bieber.


A note on left wrist is a permanent tattoo. Such a tattoo is quite popular among the stars and among ordinary tattoo fans.


The second Selena Gomez’s tattoo was Roman numbers on back of neck. Again, it is an extremely popular version of a tattoo among young American stars. Numbers coincide with the birth date of Selena’s mom.



Another tattoo, this time it is an inscription, adorns actress’s shoulder blade. The phrase in Arabic is translated as “First of all, I love myself”.


Well, we are waiting for Selena Gomez’s new quality and more daring tattoos!