Victoria Beckham’s Tattoos: A Glimpse into her Personal Journey

Victoria Beckham — known personality, singer, designer, actress, dancer, model. For many, it is an icon of style, beauty, elegance. In her maiden name Victoria Adams in 1999 married to footballer David Beckham. Their love story is beautiful, passionate and durable. As evidence serve the tattoo of Victoria Beckham. Each of them is duplicated on the body of her husband, symbolizing the unity of their family, mutual love. Image memorials and inscriptions are quite popular and widely used among the stars and ordinary people. This is the kind of tattoo chosen and Victoria Beckham. Love this pair of underwear to the image is transferred and children. According to them, the older guys interested in the age at which they will be allowed tattoos.

On the back

In the area of ​​the lumbar located five eight-pointed star . The first three represent her, David, and their first son, made before 2000. At the birth of two sons on the designer body formed two more in the period from 2001 to 2005. This tattoo of Victoria Beckham on the back mean her family, which she considers the most valuable in life. In 2011, the couple was born a beautiful girl and is a bright event may appear one more star in the lower back at the former «peppercorn» from the Spice girls.


A dedicated husband, a tattoo on the back of a Victoria Beckham performed in Hebrew at 9 years ago. It looks like «אני לדודי ודודי לי הרועה בשושנים» and in the translation sounds like a declaration of love: «I am my beloved’s, and my beloved — me; he grazes among the lilies. » Her husband, this inscription is duplicated on the left hand. Touching words are located along the spine star after seven years of their union. Language writing not chosen by chance, David half Jewish, so used Hebrew, as in many of his tattoos.


On the left hand

The interior of the left hand of Victoria Beckham tattoo adorns the first letters of the name and surname of her husband. DB Letters made flowery italics and are intertwined with each other. At a football player on the same site displayed the inscription Victoria in Hindi. Photos tattoo Victoria Beckham show the inscription along the letters in Hebrew, which translated means « Together Forever », repeated on the body of her husband. It was made in 2009. Thus the pair celebrated a decade of living together.


On the right hand

On the inside of the right hand with Roman numerals tattooed momentous for the well-known couple date — May 8, 2006 ( VIII.V.MMVI ), when they re-married, having a secret ceremony. Photos tattoo Victoria Beckham also show the words «first» made in Latin (De Integro). This pair displayed the inscription, that in spite of the years lived together and children together, the relationship began, first, that love is not extinguished, and the flame burns the same as at the beginning of their relationship.


The reduction of tattoos

Recently, it was reported that Victoria Beckham has brought tattoos. This is confirmed by recent photographs. They can be seen that the images are much paler.


Victoria is not the first time uses a laser to this summer with her body lost a spouse’s initials, wedding date and an inscription in Latin. Such an act reporters could not ignore. There was a lot of rumors that the couple Beckham is going through a deep crisis. However, the very act diva explains the desire to look serious and elegant in the world of fashion. For her, it’s just part of growing up and it is not far-fetched sense the collapse of their marriage. It is in the field of fashion is the main activity of women. It not only produces its clothing line. It owns perfume brand, the design of a land Rover car brands. She is the author of two popular books, an autobiography and a guide to the world of fashion.