Vin Diesel’s Tattoos: A Journey Through his Powerful Inks

A famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel is known to everybody due to his bright and exciting films. In most cases, his characters are buff brutal men with tattoos. However, the actor has a negative attitude to tattoos in real life. He believes that any symbols, images can affect the fate and change it, so all of his tattoos are made solely for the sake of filming and they are temporary.


“Bad boys”, performed by Vin Diesel, have tattoos that often matter. Here are a few examples from his career.


In the “XXX” movie, the actor played the main character, that is, a guy fond of extreme sports and driving law enforcement authorities mental. An eponymous tattoo was made on neck especially for this film. It is a symbol of the champion of extreme sports.


Vin Diesel made several tattoos for the film “Babylon A.D.” as well. In addition to painted hands, he has the inscription “СЛОН” on his fingers, which means he belongs to a certain class of prisoners.


You can see a circle with three figures in it on neck. It symbolizes a triple agreement between people and the ancients. This symbol protects its owner from dark forces and magical influences


The main character of the film “Knockaround Guys” has a tattoo associated with his nationality. There is Star of David, the sign on the flag of Israel, is on Vin’s shoulder. It looks like two triangles, with peaks in opposite directions, superimposed on each other.