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Despite your bewilderment and surprise, a tattoo on face is a historically grounded phenomenon. The history of tattooing started several thousand years ago. In ancient cultures they were used not only as an ornamental element, but also as a sign of belonging to a particular caste, religion, cult or tribe. In those days, the tattoo on face was the sign of warriors.

Their main goal was to intimidate the enemy. The culture of Polynesia is especially interesting in this regard. It left a huge legacy to fans of body inking. Nowadays, we live in relatively peaceful times, when people don’t have to run through the jungle to get food and fight with neighboring tribes for the territory.

The fashion to ink tattoos on the most open parts of human body gained popularity after piercing. It is difficult to list any popular stories depicted on the most open part of our bodies. Everything is individual in each case. There may be patterns, letters, hieroglyphs, some topical images.
The most famous celebrity, who has a tattoo on his face, is the boxer Mike Tyson. The beloved Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) introduced fashion to tattoos in the form of a human skull.

Russian DJ and dancer dj M.E.G. has a tattoo under each eye in the form of letters. There are some funny examples, for instance, a famous story with a tattoo artist Ruslan, who inked tattoos on faces of his beloved ones in the form of his name.

Girls with Ruslan tattoos on their faces stirred up the entire Internet once. (Comment what you think about it.)

Summing up, I want to say that even if you decide to get such an extreme tattoo, which in any form will be condemned by others, entrust inking it to a professional. Such works are very complex, painful and painstaking. Such a picture will be extremely difficult to remove, and the process is unlikely to be smooth. So, measure thrice before cutting once!




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