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Male and female tattoo on foot

underwear picture on the foot looks attractive and always attracts the attention of others. How to choose a beautiful tattoo for men and women and what to consider when choosing? About all the nuances we describe in this article and give the original photo with thumbnails.

A small area of ​​the foot does not allow to make great songs, but the figure can be extended to the ankle and up to his knees. It is worth remembering that even a small image focuses on the legs, so they should always be well maintained.

Before you apply a tattoo on the sole, it is necessary to clean the place pumice to master it was convenient to get to the desired layer of the skin. It is important after procedures do not forget about hygiene, because the skin in this site is constantly updated and thickens, the image will be viewed poorly.


Does it hurt?

At the foot tattoo done quite painful as the bones are close to the skin, the fat layer is virtually absent. The nerve endings are many in the hollow between the toe and heel, so there will be most unpleasant. We’ll have to be patient when the master image is applied near the ankles and fingers, but each person has his own threshold of pain.

Men tattoo on foot

Men are good signs along the foot in both Arabic and English languages. Shocking and extraordinary personalities chosen unusual tattoos on the feet: the clutches of predatory animals, imitation skeleton limbs or robotic.
It is interesting to look puzzle when viewed underneath part of the sea or island. Popular image of the skull, scorpions and muzzles of animals or birds. Pictures can be colorful and bright or black shades.

Well look Celtic and Polynesian patterns and ornaments. They can start with the knees and down at the feet of a part of the picture, or a separate element. Some men prefer a tattoo in the form of symbols and characters. Originally look and paired tattoo on the foot of men who individually do not lose their essence, are connected together in an intricate composition.

Women’s tattoos on the foot — the elegance and femininity

Women’s tattoo inscription on the foot looks elegant and gives a touch of mystery. Quote or motto of life in a foreign language is applied along the foot from the outside or the inside. Originally look inscriptions and near the base of the fingers in the shape of a semicircle. Phrases underscore line perfect legs, if starting from the toes and end with a narrow strip near the knee. By the choice of font is best approached responsibly: you can choose the shape of the letters under the character to emphasize the essence of a small stitch pattern. Too small signs it is better not to use or replace the thin design.

Feminine look Indian ornaments, which is applied to the entire surface of the upper part of the foot. This procedure is a little painful, so some girls are portrayed with a temporary tattoo with henna.

Beauty stuffed tattoo on the foot in the form of a rabbit, symbolizing intuition and luck. In recent years, are in vogue matryoshka image as a sign of pride in their nation. Glamour of the fair sex to draw their legs logos favorite brands from the world of cosmetics, clothes, shoes.

Originally looks lettering or pattern around the outside of the bone. Popular and small wearable pictures on the foot or the sole of: stars, flowers, hearts, butterflies and seals. It looks nice string of birds flying toward the ankle. Often there are female tattoo on the foot in the form of clover, Egyptian-style pictures of a horseshoe to bring luck and good fortune.

Many of the girls stuffed symmetrical and colorful drawings of birds, lip prints, wings. Attracts attention at the ankle bracelets, colorful pen, located at the top or along the foot. Flamboyant personality using skull pictures, cat faces or realistic female eye. Quite often in the feet end patterns stockings or large compositions, starting at the hip. If you choose the right undershirt picture, you can successfully emphasize the foot line and give the image of sexuality and femininity.

When choosing a tattoo on the sole, it is necessary to take into account the presence of flat feet, otherwise the image will be quickly erased. If a girl is too high leg lift, it is better not to apply the pattern to socks.

care Features

Make a tattoo on the foot is better in the summer, because after the procedure for a week to wear shoes will not be easy. The rehabilitation period is better to walk in flip-flops or sandals without heels and platforms. If you must go outside in closed shoes, be sure to wear two pairs of socks!

It is undesirable to walk a lot, because the entire burden is on the lower part of the leg, and is not recommended to raise the weight and be in a dusty environment. In summer, you need to often do wet cleaning, protect the tattoo on foot from direct sunlight. To summarize:


Photos and designs

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