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Pictures of male and female tattoo on shoulder

Leverage — the most successful part of the body for printing on practically all subjects. Photos with thumbnails for men and women on vse-o-tattoo.ru, will help you to choose the pattern. Why a tattoo on his shoulder became popular?

  • Any drawing and composition looks impressive, realistic and volume due to shoulder bending and developed triceps.
  • Practically any pattern can be connected to the armpit, neck, chest, back, or to the hand.
  • For a tattoo on his shoulder convenient care without assistance.
  • The image has long been a clear and colorful as always covered against UV rays and hardly rubs against clothing, as the figures on the hands or feet. The solarium is better to cover the tattoo sticker. The skin on the shoulder can not be age-related changes, a long time is elastic and does not stretch, for example, in the abdomen.
  • Depending on the situation, you can set undershirt picture on display or to hide from prying eyes.

The tattoo on the shoulder of the girls and the men always look complete and aesthetically.

Stuffed tattoo tolerate even a man with a low threshold of pain as the skin at this place is thick enough. The main thing, a positive attitude to the procedure and carefully prepared. You can feel some pain beginning or end of the process when the needle hits the drawing machine circuits. A good master and modern equipment will reduce the pain to a minimum.


What kind of tattoo on shoulder opt for men and women?

Choosing undershirt picture, you need to consider for a shoulder you will apply it. Figure on the left side — protection, the ability to attract into your life easy money and windfall profits. Orthodox is not necessary to fill the image, which symbolizes the end of life, destruction or anger: the skull or an appearance of death, the composition of hell or purgatory. In the criminal world, the grave cross means the death of a loved one.

The right side — your desires, practical wisdom, and family well-being. It just looks more successful inscription, characters, names of children and animals. Lizard or griffin on his right shoulder stand for luck, it brings positive energy.
Do not apply to this part of the body and tattoos thieves, for example, a skull pierced by a dagger, or a snake that wraps edged weapons. With caution should be treated and to the face of a lion with axes and arrows. Naked woman with a snake and the apple stands for belonging to the passive homosexuals.

Women’s tattoo on her shoulder

Girls are most suitable color or black and white breeches small picture size. Aesthetically looks image in 3D, ethnic images and predators in the tribal style and lettering — Gothic or graffiti. Often adorn the shoulders of girls tattoos of butterflies, stars, Tiger on the move, but without a grin, snake, exotic patterns, playful and sleeping cat. But the most popular option as always, are the flower arrangements in many various styles .

If you choose to stuff a rose or any other flower, it is necessary to choose the right amount of flowers and leaves.

Men’s sketches for a tattoo on his shoulder

The tradition to paint a picture on the shoulder of the men came from the ancient times: as the Indians expressed their belonging to his tribe. Today pectoral figure — a symbol of courage and perseverance


Muscular shoulder can be painted not only abstract, Celtic or Polynesian patterns, but also fill the whole stories. Distributed image logos, lettering, predatory animals with and without a grin. Emphasize the outlines drawings of muscles in the Japanese style, which can be obtained voluminous and expressive. Good looks dragon image, if the head and tail extend to the chest, back or wrist. Often there are portraits of loved ones, as well as the image of warriors and samurai. Men like sketches and photos to the tattoo on his shoulder armor or skull, is also popular biomechanics. Ornament in ethnic style looks nice in black, as covers all the shoulder.

The inscriptions is better to put a short, one-line, in the form of a bracelet or entered in any form with the shoulder side.

It is interesting to look at the tattoo on his shoulder geometric styles online and dotvork. Fine lines, vivid colors and shadows give the originality and attractiveness.

Features care tattoo on shoulder

If you carefully look over his shoulder, the wound heal a maximum of two weeks . It is best to do a tattoo in the fall, because the winter because it will take longer to heal warm clothes and bring a lot of inconvenience for maintenance. The wound should always be washed periodically and smear cream, the crust was hydrated constantly and did not dry up. During the summer because of the heat, sweat and dust easily carry infection. To summarize:


Photos and designs

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