Calf Tattoos for men and women - 62 Photos & Designs

Photos of male and female tattoos on the lower leg

In a previous article we detailed the tattoo on his feet, showed their advantages and disadvantages, discussed the popular sketches and photos. This time we talk a little bit about the tattoo on his calf. Once the reservation that, as a rule, in this area include the entire space from the ankle to the knee. The previous article was devoted to the calves, and in this we sanctify the front. And that’s why we made such a distinction.

First, a tattoo on the lower leg is fundamentally different from its calf soreness. Here the skin is very close to the bone, and you will surely feel more sensations. Of course, everything is very individual. People engaged in martial arts and football, the skin on these areas more rough and the pain threshold is strongly undervalued. But if we talk in general, especially for girls tattoo on the lower leg can be very painful procedure.

Second, the male and female tattoo on the lower leg is characterized by a large amount, than the calves. Space in this area is much larger canvas more even and many are choosing bulk plots.

Third, shin — a more prominent part of the body, and is much better suited if you want to put your tattoo in public. It will be enough to wear short clothes, and the surrounding instantly allocate you out of the crowd.

Male and female tattoos on shin shin is already familiar pattern that is applied to other places. For girls, for example, characters of flowers and birds, for men — predatory animals and birds. But we know a huge number of tattoos that will look appropriate regardless of gender or age. One such example is the tattoos in the form of inscriptions on a shin. What is it possible to write, we also said in a separate article.


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The skin in this place solid enough, and the number of nerve endings very limited.

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Soreness procedure is offset by the fact that the application process does not take much time.

Photos and Designs

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