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Back is an excellent canvas for voluminous and fantastic images with small and colorful details. We will tell you how it is better to choose a tattoo on the back for girls and men, given the body complexion in this article. We will provide interesting versions of the paintings in the selection of photos and sketches.

You can put small pictures of animals and birds, symbols and amulets on the back. They are usually located in the area of the forearm, waist and between the shoulder blades, slightly grasping the back of the neck.

Big body images look beautiful both in black and in bright colors. The back surface is flat and elastic, which allows the master to make a beautiful drawing with a lot of small details. there are body pictures of Indian themes among the bright and outrageous personalities. They carry a certain sacred meaning and powerful energy. Choosing a similar tattoo on your back should be carefully, because each color is treated differently: the blue tint indicates difficulties and unhappiness, and red — victories and exploits.

You can successfully hide the flaws of the figure with the help of modern pictures. The inscriptions in English or Latin fit for slender guys. If you arrange them between the shoulder blades, choose a suitable font, then the shoulders will expand visually, giving an image of masculinity.

A tattoo on the back in dark tones will help to give the figure a little slenderness for lush girls and men. The body picture must be applied to the entire area, which will be viewed from behind in a sitting position. The plot can be chosen either, the main thing is to choose the right items. Disadvantages of the figure will hide the dragon, which is among the clouds. Celtic ornaments and abstraction with smooth lines and without small details will be perfect.


Female and male tattoo on the back can smoothly pass to the neck, shoulders, ribs, hands, buttocks. Symmetrical images or pictures along the entire length look great, but on the one hand.

It is believed that placing too many pictures is not worth it: they look ugly, too flashy and repulsive. To harmonize on the color scheme and complement each other it is enough to choose 1-2 tattoos.

The skin fades, there are wrinkles, especially in the waist with age, so after painting the picture you need to carefully monitor the weight. On the upper back, the picture will remain colorful and with clear contours for a long time. The muscles are quite elastic and not so much amenable to age-related changes on this part of your body.

Is it painful?

The girls and men will feel quite unpleasant sensations filling tattoos on the back. It will hurt in the area of ribs and shoulder blades, because the bone is located close to the skin in these places. The pain intensifies on the spine, where there are many nerve endings. In the rest of the back, there will not be such severe discomfort: the skin is mostly dense and thick.

Remember: a large and tightly packed tattoo on the back should be applied for 10-30 sessions, so it is worthwhile to prepare mentally.

Female tattoos on the back are grace and mystery

Tattoos on the back for girls are a reflection of the soul and worldview, a message to others. With the help of a three-dimensional drawing you can emphasize the merits of the figure, and hide the shortcomings.

If you apply narrow patterns, snakes, quotes along the spine they will look great. They visually lengthen the figure, give it elegance and harmony. Modest girls are more inclined to small tattoos in the form of seals, bunnies, hearts, stars.

Female tattoo inscriptions look neat and cute, they reflect the thoughts and feelings of the owners. Quotations look beautiful if you place them from the shoulder to the middle of the back or on the shoulder blade in an upright position. A phrase of 1-2 lines in English can be applied between the shoulder blades. Such images, performed in black tones, look mysterious and attractive on a beautiful figure. It is important that the font be with soft lines and curls. Characters with sharp corners do not fit for each figure.

Female tattoos on the back in the form of flowers give the image a sexy, mysterious and fragile character. Monophonic compositions look great as well as colorful. Stems can wriggle all over the body or descend from the left shoulder to the right side. Such paintings are very aesthetic, emphasize the slender waist and beautiful back.

Tattoo wings on the back of the girls look sexy and powerful, if they come down from the shoulders to the buttocks. Many representatives of the fair sex fill a small picture in the area of the shoulder blades: either in the middle, or grabbing the shoulders. Very colorful butterfly wings.

The girls put on the back a tattoo of the dancing god Shiva, the goddess Saraswati or the lotus flower to attract a lot of luck and positive energy. Indian ornaments are delicious at the waist and impress with their brightness and small details.


Men often choose large pictures in black shades. The images are voluminous and attractive on a muscular body because of the relief. A strong sex almost does not inflict tattoos in the lumbar region unlike women.

Dragons, angels, predatory animals and birds often meet on the male body. A significant part for their plots chooses warriors, historical events. Samurai is one of the most expensive and most complex paintings. The image is applied to the entire back and consists of a large number of elements. It signifies loyalty in the life choice. Such tattoos on a muscular and sporty body look charming because of the wide palette of shades.

Male tattoo inscriptions on the back differ from the female ones: the font is mainly used with broken lines and sharp corners. This image perfectly highlights the beautiful relief of the body. The phrases in English are framed with a cross frequently. Hieroglyphs along the vertebra line make the figure slimmer and manlier.

Celtic and Polynesian patterns that pass over the forearm, arms and neck look militant, give the image steadfastness and strength. If you pick the right items such as ornaments and animals in these styles it will look beautiful on the skinny body. Biomechanics, skulls and old school cheekbones are popular. Bold men fill silhouettes of half-naked beauties.


A small picture heals within a few weeks, but you have to look after large images a few months. First try not to bend over, and if you need something to lift, it’s better to sit down. Sleeping on your back is not good because there is a risk of breaking the crust and getting complications. The picture in that place will be distorted, the contours will spread out. Try to turn around the whole body and follow all the recommendations of the master. Compared with the stomach or neck, female and male tattoos on the back heal faster.

Do not try to treat the wound yourself, especially on a large area of the body. It will be hurt and uncomfortable while turning, it is better to ask for help from someone from the household.





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