Tattoos on back side of the Calf - photos & tips

Male and female tattoo on calf

Caviar — universal for wearable canvas paintings. In this article we’ll show you how to choose the appropriate pattern so as not to spoil the proportions of the figure. Sketches and photos of tattoos on the calf will help to visually assess their attractiveness and style.

The pictures on the calf — the pros and cons

Before you select a song, you should pay attention to some details:

  • physique figure. If the body is slightly longer legs, the better will look narrow and vertical tattoo. Do not apply round and small drawings or horizontal labels. For thin legs suitable ornaments and various patterns, calling for a little muscle contours. Lush legs can be a little narrow, if you put a tattoo on the calves in the black tones.
  • Chronic diseases. It is worth paying attention to the possible development of varicose veins. Eventually formed bumps and veins bulge can completely disfigure undershirt image, not to mention the possible operations.
  • Location tattoo on his calf in men and women. It is best to apply the pattern in the side or back of the arm , without locking the front part of the shin. It is desirable that the picture is fully viewed from one angle and did not seem truncated.
  • Improved hairy male legs. Before the procedure will have to do hair removal, otherwise the master will not be able to put drawing. As of hair growth, it is recommended to shave them, otherwise a tattoo on the calves will be fuzzy and blurry. Brunette recommended to fill tattoo in black tones.
  • Men athletic with pumped calves is desirable to keep in shape, so that the skin is not limp over time, and the picture is not sailed. Ladies also worth remembering that excess weight tattooed may be slightly distorted. Caviar — one of the few places of the body where the skin remains elastic for a long time
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The skin on my calves thick and smooth, so the master will be easy to put the image of any complexity, accurately draw the even smaller details. Convexity muscle attaches baptismal paintings depth and realism.

Do? It hurts


The bone is far enough, there is a good layer of fat, and nerve endings are not so much, so do a tattoo on the calves for men and women does not hurt. If the image down to the ankle or goes on the inside of the knees, the discomfort will increase. The skin under the patella is too thin, the pigments will be bad to take root, so it’s possible re-patterning.

tattoo on the calves for men — the character and charisma

Men’s tattoo on ikre- opportunity to emphasize their individuality, endurance and brutality. The stronger sex often choose paintings in shades of black, but bright and flamboyant personalities stop at the colorful illustrations.
Tattoos and inscription characters is best applied to the upper part or the entire length of caviar muscle. Many men stuffed the names of children and beloved, some painted portraits of his child.

Popular tattoo on the calves for men in biomechanics style. Very realistic and exciting looks disclosed part of the skin with metal joints, gears and large springs. Some individuals like the horrific wounds with realistic drops of blood, torn ligaments and other «charms». Such compositions better approach more seriously and to prepare in advance of their relatives.
Beautiful and exclusive look paired tattoo on his leg when the two parts of the picture to create an interesting image, but do not lose their sense separately. This may be a phrase or a geometric composition.

Good looking Celtic and Polynesian patterns or animals . They give the holder manly appearance and unwavering willpower. Men’s tattoo on the calf can be positioned precisely along the contour of a muscle or extend across the lower leg, ankle and capturing portions of the thigh. Not necessarily make symmetrical patterns on both legs, if the composition is not too tight.

Men often choose the weapons pictures, predator silhouettes, skulls, abstraction. Some person believe that the volume and aggressiveness of the pattern depends on the internal male power and brutality. However, many small stuffed icon: symbols, muzzles of animals, cartoon characters


Female tattoo on the calf — the charm and challenge to society


With the help of wearable pictures girls can emphasize your style, personality and femininity. In addition to small compositions of flowers, butterflies and inscriptions in Arabic and English languages, nice look big and bright pictures. Colourful birds, exotic plants or large branch cherry emphasize grace, femininity and do not change the proportions of the figure. Female tattoo on the calf can be extended beyond the contours of the muscles to the hip or foot.

To extend and emphasize the ideal structure of the legs, it is best to choose a composition with a flexible and smooth lines that encircle the slender female calf. Skinny girls should not choose patterns or geometric shapes with sharp corners and ragged lines. It is considered that any image should not be applied close to the knee bend. It will be more beautiful if to withdraw from it by a few centimeters, or to extend the pattern to-hip ratio.

Looks nice lizard walking up, ribbons, chains and bracelets. Long a tattoo on the calves for girls should be chosen carefully so as not to move the leg line and visually it does not bend.

When choosing a picture, it is worth to ask her symbols. Drawing can be interpreted differently, based on the additional elements, and its location. butterfly tattoo on her leg means uncertainty, rather than youth and rebirth.

Women’s tattoo on the calf made stuff is not too small. Sprockets, bows, birds at a distance must be clearly visible and not look colored spot.


Features care

A tattoo on the calf is better to do in the summer, so clothing is not rubbed on the wound. Since the entire burden falls on the part of the leg, it is better to go smaller, do not play sports and do not raise heavy objects. It is not advisable to sleep on his back, the girls wear narrowed jeans and shoes with high rise. Natelnye pictures on calves comfortably handle without help. Wounds heal more than a month, but it all depends on the area of ​​image and personal characteristics of the organism.


Photos and designs

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