99 Best Wrist Tattoos for Men and Women

Masculine and woman tattoos on palm

Worn next to the skin picture on a frequently decide to inflict эпатажные and eccentric personalities. Although the ladies refined quite often are also attracted by similar head-dresses. In the article we will tell how it is better to pick up a tattoo on a palm, photo and the sketches of that you will see on our web-site. What can be alternative?

And whether costs?

Any worn next to the skin picture is a method of self-expression, giving character of charm or exposure of the persuasions for show. About what is it necessary to be thoughtful, before to do a head-dress?

  • Career. The etiquette set by centuries does not allow similar фривольностей.
  • Pain threshold. There is not hypodermic fat on a brush, bones are close located to the cutaneous covering. A skin is too sensible and thin, especially for women.
  • Tattoo on a palms, for girls in particular, shortlived and needs adjustment. From sunbeams her will not hide, paints fade therefore, yield to influences of cleansers, chlorinated waterAn uneven surface is a bad canvas even for an experience master, it is therefore better not to choose a picture with shallow details.
  • Fists must be ideally well-groomed. At presence of warts, birth-marks, tumours, bites of mosquitoes and fresh cuts to the men and women of тату on a brush, doing is not recommended. Birth-marks master will not touch, and will beat successfully, harmoniously will enter in the chosen picture.
  • The frequent washing of hands is inevitable results in the gradual washing of paint, and, without periodic corrections not to do.

Variants of tattoos on a back-palm for girls and men

The worn next to the skin pictures can be picked up suited to every fancy and color. For the refined personalities small inscription will suit from one side fingers, to lay down them together and to read an aphorism or phrase on the Latin, French and English languages. The Chinese symbols are popular, they are disposed at founding of thumb or on the rib of brush.

More volitional personalities decide to fill little tattoo on a palm in a black, not too distinguished. Such pictures look neatly and showily. However eccentric creative people choose varicoloured images on all underbody of extremity, sometimes prolonging to the wrist, elbow or shoulder. Black pictures look interesting, when present game of shadows and smooth transitions from dark to light.

To the enigmatic persons anymore to liking collapsible tattoos. Their elements are arranged in a picture, if to lay down two hands in a fist, to cross fingers or lay down two indicatory together. The wings of proud bird with sand-glasses, meaning freedom, look very beautifully.

In the criminal world already a long ago in this place special semantic окрас was betrayed head-dresses: a few points and crosses in the underbody of hand are inflicted by thieves. A spider in a spider web is a sign of drug addict, and enigmatic bats is a symbol of night thief.

Masculine tattoos on a back-palm yet from ancient times meant daring and force. Often there are skulls in красно-черных tones, strange creatures with sharp teeth and growths, all-seeing eye, predators, fire, rarer astrological signs. Tribal patterns are actual, often there is тату from a brush to the elbow, photo and the sketches of that can be looked in division about sleeves.

Beautifully a by volume image looks in any colour gamut, Musical instruments look originally, mainly guitars. Styles of biomechanics and трайбл are popular. Men more often for women fill pictures on hands, mainly protective signs and symbols.

Are woman tattoos on a hand beauty or bad taste?

Girls need more carefully to think about pictures on this part of body, in fact hands are most subject to the age-related changes. From it many stop the choice for five-finger asterisks, butterflies, birdies of small sizes. Some ladies fill the broken hearts, immortalize important dates or names of beloveds. It is sometimes possible to meet inscriptions and aphorisms.

From one side they look very neatly and beautifully. On a wrist тату fill as a ribbon, strung by a bow. If necessary she easily hides under a clock. Give a charm and musical notes, only the violin key in the criminal world means a fall woman.

Tattoo on a hand for girls eccentric is a valuable varicoloured or black picture of butterfly, fire-bird, colors, lady-cat. Beautifully identical тату look on both hands, only to pick up them under character difficult enough.

Any worn next to the skin picture приковывает looks, therefore hands always must be well-groomed. Manicure and harmoniously neat color of varnish — necessarily! The garlands of stars and other shallow elements will suit for elegant girls. Elegantly decorative patterns will look in Celtic style. The Polynesian images try not to examine. If to prolong krausens from an index finger and higher wrist, then the hands of girl will become more refined and beautiful.

If black pictures do not attract, and the coloured seem too eye-catching, master will suggest to inflict an image by means of white pigments. They are chicly looked at a body and without the risk of loss written into any character.

Tattoos on palms for girls, it is possible to inflict temporal paints. It is an excellent variant for understanding, as far as the chosen picture goes near your character. Мехенди (a henna is used) is inflicted only in reddish-brown tones and perfectly looked at white and thin hands and fingers.

Features In this period it is impossible to wipe a hand a towel dry, to use soap, to squeeze a fist. On an extent it is a few weeks better to give up dusty work and preparation of food.

Think, how to put a hand during a dream, not to brush against a crust and not bring an infection. After masculine and woman tattoos it is heavy to take care of on a hand, because in the first week will накладно get dressed and eat single-handed. We will bring a result:

Aesthetically beautifulness6/10

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