Tattoos on the Stomach - 70 Photos & Designs of Belly Tattoos

Male and female tattoo on stomach

Tattoo on a flat and tight stomach always look elegant and sexy. However, due to significant restrictions, few people can afford such a beauty. The article, along with a selection of photos and sketches of tattoos on his stomach, we’ll show you how to choose a body-worn pattern for a complex part of the body.


In various communities and social networks dedicated to underwear painting, often discussed female tattoo abdomen . Indeed, it is quite a good choice for a girl who wears a short robe and thereby demonstrates his tattoo.

Но нужно оговориться о минусах тату на животе, которые в первую очередь касаются именно женщин.

Men’s tattoo on her stomach

Many men choose great images and stories, despite the fact that the stomach is one of the most painful places for tattoos. Colours may vary from bright colors to shades. The wearable drawings stronger sex embodies the courage, fortitude and determination.

Unlike women, they put tattoos on the upper part of the abdomen, often extending to the chest, back and armpits. Good looks symbolism, gothic image, inscriptions, predators. It turns out originally, when tattooed placed on the entire area of from the chest to the lower abdomen on one side.

Men often choose undershirt picture of the skull, sometimes spiders and other insects. Big belly area has to design a variety of subjects: military combat, mythical heroes, as well as some military images. However, such signs should be treated with caution: for the army missile customs with barbed wire and blood group can fill only the «grandfathers»


Tattoos on the belly girls

Women’s tattoos look sophisticated and mysterious. Depending on the composition, they are placed in the lower abdomen, on the sides around the navel, at least — on. Beautiful floors in the main stops on the small images for a maximum of patterns, ornaments, flower garlands or cherry twig. Too bulky female tattoo on her stomach stuffed unit.

The cat or panther looks mysterious and sexy flowers with patterns — elegant, swallow — a symbol of loyalty and family. Natelnye drawings embody simplicity, reflect the feature of character and temperament. Often the side or bottom of a stomach girl stuffed ribbons, stars, animals, firebird, butterflies, poppies, clover, as well as lizards and ladybirds. Latest different characters, with quotes aphorisms that have a deeper meaning. Foot cat is seen as a talisman, and means good fortune.

If you choose the right image and put it to the side of the navel and waist, it is possible to emphasize the beautiful figure. Flexible sprig with vivid colors and intricate pattern accentuate slim waistline and trim tummy. Also relevant snakes and lizards, signs of the zodiac. Beautiful and mysterious look and symmetrical patterns, which are opposite each other and can be of different colors. Original sketches of the girl choose a tattoo on her belly male subjects: weapons


An unusually attractive looks and designs around the navel, especially if it is decorated with piercings. Tattooed a belt around the waist or obtained impressive, especially climbing plants with flowers or a snake.

What are the limitations for tattoos on the girl’s belly?

  • underwear picture will look good only on a flat and tight stomach.

  • Drawing images rather painful . Making anesthesia, and to take alcohol and pain medications is not recommended. This can complicate the procedure, the wound will heal for a long time, and the picture may become washed out and blurry contours.

  • The abdominal muscles are soft, so it is difficult to apply complex compositions and designs. It is best to choose a simple picture or ornament. Paintings, where there are small details, as well as Celtic and Polynesian styles are not suitable. This applies to men and tattoos on his stomach.

  • Increase the weight and age-related changes of the skin of the abdomen distort the picture. Operations can also spoil the image, so, If you have not yet removed the appendix , tattoo location is better not to do.

  • During pregnancy and after childbirth, including caesarean section, breeches picture may stretch, break off, will be visible stretch marks.

  • Correct the defects such difficult: time-consuming, painful and expensive. In some cases, after the birth of the child at the bottom of the navel tattoos can not change. The best way to do girls tattoo on his stomach after giving birth when they are no longer planning to become pregnant.

    Pros tattoos at this part of the body of a small, but significant. They can be used to disguise birthmarks and scars, especially beautiful white drawings are obtained. They are discreet, aesthetically pleasing look and feminine, but clearly distinguished on the solid color of the skin.

    How to care?

    The wound heals after patterning 4-8 weeks, depending on the tattoo careful care and characteristics of the organism. You can not wear tight clothes, so as not to remove the formed crust. A few weeks is not recommended to actively tilted to the muscles are not contracted or open wounds, as well as sleeping on your stomach. Avoid dusty work, not peretruzhdaetsya not run or jump, not to climb the stairs without having to.

    To a tattoo on his stomach for a long time remain beautiful and attractive women and men need to follow:

    • Health, avoid stressful situations;
    • for weight not to gain extra weight and not lose weight;
    • to lead a healthy lifestyle;
    • to do sports.

    To summarize:


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