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Tattoos on the flat and tightened belt always look gracefully and sexually. However, due to essential restrictions very few people are able to afford similar beauty. In article, along with a selection of a photo and sketches of tattoos on a stomach, we will tell how to choose body pictures for a difficult part of the body.

Female tattoos in the bottom of a stomach often are discussed in various communities and social networks devoted to body. Really, it is rather good choice for the girl who wears short outerwear and by that shows the tattoo.

But it is necessary to say a few words about minuses of the tattoo on a stomach which first of all concern women.


A lot of men choose the big images and plots in spite of the fact that the stomach is one of painful places for tattoo. The color scale can be various: from bright paints to shades. In body pictures a strong sex represents courage, firmness and determination.
Unlike women, they apply tattoos on the top part of a stomach, often prolonging to a breast, a back and armpits. Symbolic, Gothic images, inscriptions, predators look great. It turns out originally when the tattoo is placed on all square from a breast to a stomach bottom on the one side.

Men often choose a body picture of a skull, spiders and other insects are rarely. The big part of a stomach disposes of setting various plots: military duels, mythical heroes, and also some army images. However, you should be careful with such signs: a missile with barbed wire and blood group can only be stuffed with “grandfathers” according to army customs.



Female tattoos look distinguished and mysteriously. They are placed in the bottom of a stomach, on each side, around a navel, rarely from above depending on the composition. The fair sex generally stops on small images, at most on a pattern, an ornament, a flower garland or a branch of an Oriental cherry. The very few women fill too volume tattoos on a stomach.

The cat or panther looks mysteriously and sexually, flowers with patterns are refined, swallows are the symbol of devotion and a family. The body pictures represent simplicity, reflect feature of character and temperament. The girls often fill bows, stars, animals, a firebird, butterflies, poppies, a clover, and also lizards and ladybugs on the sideways or in the bottom of a stomach. Various hieroglyphs, quotes with aphorisms which make deep meaning are desirable. The pad of a cat is perceived as a mascot and means good luck.

It is possible to place emphasis on a beautiful figure if the images picked up correctly and it tattooed from a navel to a side and a waist. The flexible branch with bright colors or an intricate pattern will emphasize a thin waistline and the tightened tummy. Snakes and lizards, zodiac signs are also desirable. Symmetric patterns which are against each other and can be different color shades look beautifully and mysteriously as well. Original girls choose sketches of a tattoo on a stomach of male subject: weapon.

The patterns around a navel look unusually and attractively, especially, if it is decorated with piercing. The tattoos in the form of a belt or around a waist turn out effectively, especially climbers with flowers or a snake.


The body picture will look beautifully only on the flat and tightened belt.
Drawing images is painful enough. To do anesthesia, and also to accept alcohol and the anesthetizing drugs categorically isn’t recommended. It can complicate the procedure, the wound will heal for a long time, and the picture can turn pale and with blurred contours.

Stomach muscles are soft therefore it is hard to put complex compositions and patterns. It is better to select the simple image or an ornament. Pictures where there are fine details, and also the Celtic and Polynesian styles won’t approach. It concerns male tattoos on a stomach also.

Increases in weight and age changes of skin of a stomach lead to distortion of the pictures. Operations can also damage the image therefore in case your appendicitis hasn’t been removed yet, it is better not to do a tattoo in it the place.

At pregnancy and after the delivery including Cesarean section, the body picture can stretch, break, extensions will be visible.

It is difficult to correct such defects: it is labor-consuming, sick and expensively. In certain cases, after the birth of the child, tattoo in the bottom of a navel can be not changed. It is the best for girls to do a tattoo on a stomach after the delivery when they don’t plan to become pregnant any more.

Pluses of tattoos on this part of a body are small, but powerful. It is possible to disguise birthmarks and scars with their help; white pictures are especially beautifully. They are not striking, look esthetically and womanly, but are distinctly allocated on corporal skin color.


The wound after painting the tattoo heals 4-8 weeks, depending on careful handling of a tattoo and features of an organism. It is impossible to put on tight clothes not to remove the formed crust. There are not recommended to bend actively that muscles weren’t reduced and wounds didn’t open, and also to sleep on a stomach several weeks. It is advised not to work too much, to avoid dusty work, not to run or jump, not to walk needlessly upstairs.
To keep the tattoo on the stomach beautiful and attractive for a long time, men and women need to watch:

  • For health to avoid stressful situations;
  • For weight not to gather extra kilos and not to lose weight;
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • To play sports.



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