50 Tattoos on Biceps - Photos, Designs, Tips

Tattoos on biceps

Perhaps, this is the place tattoos lovers of both sexes most often selected for printing. Tattoos on the biceps — this is the most popular option for the decoration of the body. Surrounding them are perceived as neutral, in addition, the forearm can always open if you want to figure was visible to all. If necessary, also wear a shirt with sleeves enough — and the tattoo will not be noticeable.

Another reason for the popularity is the biceps is that the drawing of the image on this site is almost painless. forearm skin is dense enough in comparison, for example, with the skin on the neck or wrists. In addition, bone located far enough from the skin. Therefore tattoo on bicep be an ideal option for those who are afraid of the pain during the session.

Women often prefer to make a small tattoo on the inside of the biceps, where they are not so noticeable to others, or to choose a tattoo around the biceps as a fine bracelet, as did Pamela Anderson. Such «bracelets» can be formed as a convoluted ornament chain links, and even an inscription barbed wire. Love ladies and small color pictures (flowers, butterflies, stars, hearts).

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Men’s tattoo on biceps

Men traditionally pumped big picture — a black-and-white and color — the most diverse content. The most popular subjects for a «male» tattoos on biceps include:

  • images of animals, including the fabulous (in the course of tigers, wolves, bears, sharks, snakes and dragons and unicorns);
  • portraits (mostly female);
  • religious and occult symbolism (universal Celtic designs, crosses, Scandinavian and Slavic runes Kolovraty);
  • colors and patterns of leaves;
  • a tattoo in the form of inscriptions on the biceps (often known expressions in Latin and Japanese characters or Arabic script).

If men choose tattoo bracelet to decorate the biceps, in contrast to the girls they prefer larger, more aggressive designs.

It is worth noting that in recent years becoming increasingly popular religious themes: people adorn themselves with stylized crosses, crucifixes, considering them a kind of talismans; Justin Timberlake has gone even further and has put on the body image of the Virgin Mary.

Татуировка роза на ключице
On the collarbone

Is it true that girls are more likely to make tattoos in this location, and what better to choose a plot?

On shoulders

Any applied to the place the picture will look like three-dimensional.

Photos and designs

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