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The chest is the perfect canvas for bright and large body designs. The relief of a chest allows for the creation of a larger picture that looks realistic and attractive. You will find numerous sketches and photos of tattoos on the chest for women and men on our site.


Does it hurt?

Characteristics of chest tattoos

Men’s pectoral muscles are elastic and strong, so over time, a body painting is bound not to droop, and certainly does not lose its sharp contours. For girls who regularly participate in sports, no problems will come with age. After surgery, some women hide their ugly scars under body paintings, or simply use the paintings to cover age spots. However, it is worth remembering that the wounds must be well-cicatrized. Through the help of an experienced tattoo-master, one can be able to successfully hide an ugly scar from prying eyes.
The chest is one part of the body that is almost always under the clothes, so the colors of the tattoos do not fade in the sun, and will remain bright and colorful for many dozen years.
Since ancient times, protective symbols have been applied to the chest: warriors and soldiers have long been stuffing shields onto their hearts when going to war. In Soviet times, the men had tattoos of Stalin or Lenin imprinted on their chests, to protect themselves from the bullets of security officers. The sailors also had tattoos amongst themselves: a sailfish meant that their ship successfully sailed through the powerful current near Cape Horn, and swallows gave them hope for the safe return to shore.

Latest styles for chest-tattoos

Body paintings can be pierced purely for beauty, or a deep meaning may be engraved in them, as they are located close to the heart. Symmetrical patterns are considered original and catchy. These are applied to the two halves of the breast separately, or are combined using intricate patterns. Wings will certainly be a great composition, as they denote courage, strength and breadth of the soul.
At any time, an image can be extended to the shoulder, forearm, neck, armpit, abdomen and back.
The latest tattoo style is lettering under the chest or collarbone in both men and women. This can be the date of birth of children, their names, favorite sayings and famous quotes. Often, life mottos or beliefs are often depicted in English, Latin, French and Russian. The tattoo markings should not contain abusive and malicious content, since these may attract negativity to the person wearing them. Intellectuals or people with a philosophical attitude to life often prefer Chinese characters. Sometimes, people choose to imprint tragic dates and events onto their chests.
Men and women like photos tattoo on the chest in the form of a heart with wings and iron chains.
Pictures of variegated shades will certainly look attractive on this part of the body. Black or dark blue lines often look repulsive and aggressive, especially to the opposite sex. Beautifully-kept and extravagant looking roses, made in a black-and-red tone. A picture with soft pastel colors gives a sense of a peaceful and amicable atmosphere.

Men’s tattoos on the chest

Occasionally, men apply huge body paintings on the whole chest, mostly clogged on one side. Prey animals, fish, mythical creatures, dragons, eagles remain popular. Romantic personalities are fascinated with tattoos of a ship with open sails, or a tender portrait of their beloved ones on their chests. Rockers and bikers choose to have tattoos of skulls and flames in different variations. People who have served in the war in the military often prefer a raised scorpion sting.
Another very popular chest tattoo for men is one in the form of demons and angels, as well as weapons. A nice-looking abstraction, Celtic and Polynesian designs.
Bold and loving personalities pierce depictions of half-naked women or indecent inscriptions. Misogynists and some jailors draw eyes on the chest, which means a negative attitude towards the female sex.
Often, men do tattoo chains and other decorations. They pierce very interesting-looking toothy lizards and snakes crawling out of the armpits. For ladies, such chest tattoos look ugly and repulsive.

Women’s tattoos on the chest

Women’s body paintings look aesthetically pleasing, attractive and sexy, different from the male variety of themes and range of colors. Some girls choose small images: swallows, stars, bows, chanterelles and cats, hearts in various styles. Flower arrangements, feathers, peacocks and sugar skulls are very attractively-looking, but scorpions and spiders are certainly not for the adornment of the fairer sex.
Symmetrical patterns and pictures of animals, birds or flowers look original.
Girls often choose chest tattoo patterns in the form of jewelry: necklaces, gems, roses in steampunk style. The drawing can be extended to the neck and around the shoulders, as well as the scapula.
Tattooing between breasts and under the breasts is popular among girls. It looks elegant and sexy. The drawing can be applied in the form of black pigments, or colored. It has a basic triangular shape, and its peak is located in the solar plexus. Tattoos can be made to have an intimate sense, patterns or designs of Slavic, Celtic, Egyptian and Gothic styles, impressive looking lacy compositions.
After selecting particular drawings for female chest tattoos, pay attention to the features of the bust. The well-chosen image must be visually adjusted and increased. The goddess Isis with wings is a very attractive tattoo when properly engraved.
Many women do not dare to make body paintings on the breasts themselves, as there are many nerve endings there, and the procedure is painful. However, ornaments on the bust and around the nipples are very attractively-looking. Tattoos on a woman’s breast in the form of a patterned bra are becoming quite popular in some subcultures. Patterns in the Celtic style, bows, hearts, cobwebs, rosebuds and bright colors look beautiful round the nipples.

There is a huge selection of a variety paintings for male and female chest tattoos, so you should think carefully about the amount of paintings, the beauty and meaning which the carry.


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